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V-132. Nika works as administrator in the sauna.

Nika today is administrator of sauna, she must make sure that everything in her household is in order. She makes a circuit of sauna, checks how jacuzzi works, whether any debris is at the bottom, is the water warm enough. Nick then goes into the shower, and also checks if the pressure is enough. -And to undress? you may ask. -Why?? It's nice to get the enjoyment of wetlook and get wet in her working business outfit, combining rest and work!

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V-131. Elena gets wet in the rain and in the river.

Suddenly rain began during a photo session on the bank of beautiful river. Elena began to get wet under the rain drops in her beautiful outfit, there was nothing to lose and she gradually goes to the water in her black high knee socks and shoes. Then Elena sits in the water right in a white skirt and even lies down, getting wet completely. And at the end she gives us wonderful views of wetlook in wet white shirt braless.

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V-130. Vanessa in jeans bathes in a huge jacuzzi.

Vanessa bathes fully clothed in a large Jacuzzi, she wears jeans, heel shoes, white socks, shirt and vest. Vanessa is a born     model, she loves to be photographed, to pose for the camera, and she is not confused to be completely wet!

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V-129. Karina in a dress and pantyhose takes a bath.

Karina really loves wetlook, she gets wet in her own clothes that she likes. This time Karina shows her beautiful green dress combined with cellular gray tights. And of course high heels and handbag for a complete image of a beautiful lady.

V-128. Tanya washes her car. :: 10:14 704x576 [31-03-2013]

It's a little memories of summer, Tanya washes her car and pours herself. When it's hot, Tanya prefers to wear minimum of favorite clothes - tights, socks, shorts, T-shirt and panama, but this clothe must be wet, then you can marvel coolness and of course favorite wetlook longer!

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