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V-387. Kira swims in the pool of the water park completely clothed. :: 13:43 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Kira did gymnastics near the pool, she felt very hot and she decided to cool slightly off - she sprayed on her white T-shirt and legs water from the pool. But it did not help much, then the girl put her feet into the water, right in sneakers and socks. But this did not help for a long time ... There is already nothing to lose, and Kira decided to get completely wet, took off only the sneakers, leaving in socks and she dived into the water. Having swum a lot, a girl finished her exercises completely wet and happy!

V-386. Hanna gets wet in jacuzzi fully clothed. :: 11:44 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Hanna bathes and takes a shower in jacuzzi completely dressed - in a denim skirt, denim jacket, black pantyhose with white socks and boots.

V-385. Greta in a white dress swims in the pool. :: 9:07 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Greta in a beautiful white dress and white knee socks dives a lot and swims in the pool.

V-384. Sofia gets wet fully clothed under the waterfall. :: 13:51 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Sofia in trousers, leather boots, denim jacket gets wet under the streams of a powerful waterfall. At the end the girl takes off her boots and shows us the legs in wet and dirty white socks.

V-383. Waminstyle wishes you Happy New Year! :: 14:17 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Anna wishes you Happy New Year getting wet in a dress and singing "A Jingle Bells".

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