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V-251. Margaret swims in the lake fully clothed.

Margaret in a nice black pantsuit dipped in a cool lake, soaking wet. Girl swims in her high heel shoes from which white nylon socks are visible.

V-250. Tanya takes the waterfall shower fully clothed. :: 14:25 1280x720 [22-06-2015]

Tanya comes under strong jet of the waterfall on the old dam. She is as always elegantly dressed - jacket, mini skirt, thick brown tights, high heel boots.

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V-249. Greta in jeans takes a shower right on the horse.

Greta looks very impressive in denim suit sitting on a horse, but here's the problem - the horse is a little bit dirty. We decided to organize a cold shower from a hose for the horse and for Greta sitting on it.

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V-248. Elena in jeans shows a striptease in the lake.

In a nice hot summer day Elena relaxes in the lake, she gets wet fully dressed in her favorite jeans and a red t-shirt, braless. Girl is dancing striptease with the music right in the water near the makeshift wooden pole. Elena all wet, dressed and looks much sexier than a nude girl. When Elena got a little tired and felt cold, she dressed a denim jacket and decided to take a rest right in the water, on an inflatable mattress.

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V-247. Nika swims in the lake fully clothed.

Nika prefers to swim in the summer in the same clothes as she wears- shirt, denim shorts and white socks with high heel shoes. Why to carry a swimsuit when it is so hot? It is better to get wet not undressing, and to enjoy the coolness of drying clothes on the body for a long time.

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