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V-244. Friends Irma and Vanessa have fun in the bathroom.

Friends Irma and Vanessa went to the bathroom to drink tea, chat, eat chocolate ... Girls hurried to run a bath and immersed there fully clothed, in their soft home suits, flats with socks. Without thinking girlfriend decided to wash hair each other with shampoo and conditioner. After the bathroom girls turned on shower to rinse, then they wiped without removing clothes.

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V-243. Victoria in a business suit swims in the lake.

Victoria in elegant pantsuit comes into quiet water of cool lake. The girl did not even take off her shoes, so she submerged into the water fully clothed, enjoying soaking in wet clothes.

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V-242. Greta swims in the pool fully clothed.

Gretta swims and dives in the pool. She does it fully clothed in white leggings and a T-shirt, a red knitted sweater, white socks and ballet flats.

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V-241. Varvara swims in the river in coat.

Varvara walked in the forest along the river bank and saw a beautiful tree hanging over the water. The girl decided to arrange a photo session on the tree, but she was unable to keep her balance and fell into the water. Boots and tights immediately soaked, but it put Varvara on her mettle and photo session turned into a real wetlook session, she has not regretted her coat and started swimming).

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V-240. Irma bathes in jacuzzi with her doll.

Irma decided to bathe and to wash her favorite doll. Both Irma and a doll decided to swim fully clothed). Doll is in dress, and Irma wears her pajamas, socks and sandals.

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