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V-261. Elena and Greta swim in the pool in business suits.

Elena and Greta came to the sauna to swim and to dive, but! girls chose a very original "swimwear" - business pant suits. Elena is in black, Greta in pink. Girlfriends dive and swim a lot, showing us their beautiful bodies in wet clothes.

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V-260. Diana and Jane are college girls.

Diana and Jane are college girls. They found a bottle of whiskey and decided to try in a lonely place. Then it was difficult to sit and they fell into hot bath...They had fun talking, laughing, dancing...

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V-259. Elena in jeans and denim jacket takes a bath.

Elena bought a new dark blue jeans and jacket and decided to soak in it first, so that it got used to the body. The girl dressed fully for such a pleasant business - jeans, T-shirt, denim jacket and sneakers with white socks. She turned music on and got into a full bath, taking a lot of pleasure getting wet in warm water and in her favorite clothes. At the end Elena gives us an excellent view of her sheer white t-shirt braless.

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V-258. Varvara does exercises in the lake fully clothed.

Varvara made a run around the banks of a beautiful lake. But the sun was getting warm and the girl dressed in shorts with a T-shirt, a warm jacket with hook, long white socks with sneakers, felt very hot! And Varvara did not want to waste time undressing, she went into the water right in sneakers with socks and continued exercising getting wet completely. Also, she swam a little, played around with feet in clay, dressed at the end and ran on fully wet and happy!

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V-257. Victoria in summer suit swims in the lake.

Victoria poses for wetlook session swimming in a beautiful clear lake. She wears a light blue suit, white socks and high heel sandals.

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