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V-263. Marianna swims in the river fully clothed.

If the water is cold - it is not a big deal! You just need to dress warmly and you can swim ... so Marianna decided and went swimming fully clothed - in a jacket, boots and jeans. Gradually getting used to the water temperature she even slightly undressed, took off her jacket and boots, showing us a wet blouse and feet in white wet socks.

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V-262. Irma is relaxing in the bathtub and under the shower fully clothed.

After a hard working day at the office Irma takes a bath, washes hair under shower, relaxing and admiring her wet look. Now she used to be wet and sometimes she allows herself to take a bath fully dressed - in black pantyhose with high heels, strict office skirt and elegant white and black blouse.

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V-261. Elena and Greta swim in the pool in business suits.

Elena and Greta came to the sauna to swim and to dive, but! girls chose a very original "swimwear" - business pant suits. Elena is in black, Greta in pink. Girlfriends dive and swim a lot, showing us their beautiful bodies in wet clothes.

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V-260. Diana and Jane are college girls.

Diana and Jane are college girls. They found a bottle of whiskey and decided to try in a lonely place. Then it was difficult to sit and they fell into hot bath...They had fun talking, laughing, dancing...

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V-259. Elena in jeans and denim jacket takes a bath.

Elena bought a new dark blue jeans and jacket and decided to soak in it first, so that it got used to the body. The girl dressed fully for such a pleasant business - jeans, T-shirt, denim jacket and sneakers with white socks. She turned music on and got into a full bath, taking a lot of pleasure getting wet in warm water and in her favorite clothes. At the end Elena gives us an excellent view of her sheer white t-shirt braless.

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