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V-232. Kate swims in the pool in denim clothes.

Kate is the girlfriend of one of our model, she wanted very much to try WETLOOK session, and she was invited to swim in the pool. For the first time she chose casual clothes - jeans, denim jacket, denim shoes, shirt and red socks. Kate dives and swims in the pool and even jumps from ledge completely submerging under water.

V-231. Tanya in jeans bathes in the river. :: 12:44 1280x720 [15-02-2015]

Tanya in her favorite jeans, flats and white socks goes into the water, admiring as jeans get wet and gradually change color. It was evening and to make swimming warmer, Tanya dressed her white warm sweater, which was also soaking wet.

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V-230. Bonya in a beautiful dress and stockings gets wet.

Bonya in stockings, high heel shoes and a beautiful dress enters clear water of lake. The girl gradually gets completely wet and swims fully clothed.

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V-229. Vanessa has wet exercises in the tub.

Vanessa wears ADIDAS shirts and jeans and plays with the ball in the shower, then she goes into a full tub in all her clothes and there she continues doing sport exercises with dumbbells.

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V-228. Greta in denim clothes dives into the pool.

Greta is very young girl, she decided to try herself in wetlook session on her friend’s advice. Greta likes water and she swims well, also she is good in diving, almost like a sportswoman). In this session she swims and dives in the pool fully dressed, in jeans, denim jacket, white sheer blouse, white socks and flats.

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