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V-266. Greta in white suit gets wet under the waterfall.

Greta in a beautiful pantsuit goes into the water of artificial waterfall. Girl gets wet fully clothed under cold jets of waterfall, then goes to worm up in the hot bowl, posing at the camera, showing a very sexy wet T-shirt and feet in wet white socks.

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V-265. Tanya likes to swim in a clear water wearing bell-bottom skirt.

265Tanya in black stockings, high heel shoes, skirt and sheer blouse swims in clear water of deep river. She is pleased to watch her wet clothes floating in water.

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V-264. Vanessa falls into the pool fully clothed.

Vanessa had a beautiful photo session on the background of the pool with blue water at sunset. She wore her favorite expensive clothes - leather boots with high heels , tight jeans and black leather imitation jacket. During session she has not noticed how stepped on the edge of the pool, stumbled , and flew into the water... Vanessa was even more exited and she decided to continue the photo shoot in the water, the more wet clothes looks a lot sexier than a dry.

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V-263. Marianna swims in the river fully clothed.

If the water is cold - it is not a big deal! You just need to dress warmly and you can swim ... so Marianna decided and went swimming fully clothed - in a jacket, boots and jeans. Gradually getting used to the water temperature she even slightly undressed, took off her jacket and boots, showing us a wet blouse and feet in white wet socks.

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V-262. Irma is relaxing in the bathtub and under the shower fully clothed.

After a hard working day at the office Irma takes a bath, washes hair under shower, relaxing and admiring her wet look. Now she used to be wet and sometimes she allows herself to take a bath fully dressed - in black pantyhose with high heels, strict office skirt and elegant white and black blouse.

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