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V-348. Kira in blue jeans swims in aquapark pool. :: 13:41 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Kira - is a real model, doing this professionally, and wetlook for her is like a nice addition and a kind of rest. This time she swims, dives in the aqua park pool fully clothed - in jeans, white shirt, sneakers with socks.

V-351. Marianna in a short dress gets wet in the river. :: 12:11 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Marianna in a short summer dress, red stockings and high hill shoes enters a shallow river, getting gradually completely wet in her clothes.

V-352. Nika and Margaret in business attire. :: 13:34 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

After a hot working day in the office, our girls Nika and Ira came to have a rest on the shore of a beautiful blue lake. Girlfriends were in such a hurry that they certainly did not take swimsuits with them ... and decided to swim in what they came - in business skirt suits, Nika in pantyhose and Margaret in stockings. After drinking a little wine for excitement and courage, girls went to water, not paying attention at the views of tourists.

V-353. Elena in sexy white clothes swims in the lake. :: 12:38 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

Elena in a short white skirt, a sexy white blouse, white high knee socks and shoes swims in a beautiful lake, showing off her sexy body in wet and sheer clothes.

V-354. New girl Hanna gets wet under the waterfall. :: 12:54 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]

New girl Hanna gets wet under the waterfall in a new magic place, certainly completely dressed, in jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers with white socks, first time.

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