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V-241. Varvara swims in the river in coat.

Varvara walked in the forest along the river bank and saw a beautiful tree hanging over the water. The girl decided to arrange a photo session on the tree, but she was unable to keep her balance and fell into the water. Boots and tights immediately soaked, but it put Varvara on her mettle and photo session turned into a real wetlook session, she has not regretted her coat and started swimming).

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V-240. Irma bathes in jacuzzi with her doll.

Irma decided to bathe and to wash her favorite doll. Both Irma and a doll decided to swim fully clothed). Doll is in dress, and Irma wears her pajamas, socks and sandals.

V-239. Wet and muddy vacation of Tanya on wild nature. :: 11:14 1280x720 [09-04-2015]

While relaxing on the wild Tanya found a large mud puddle remaining after the spring floods. The idea to get into this mess fully dressed was very attracted, and Tanya used it. Knitted skirt, blouse, white stockings, light tights and sandals with heels - such was clothes choice of Tanya for bathing in the mud, and then washing in the lake.

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V-238. Vanessa in a business suit swims in the pool.

Vanessa in the business brown trouser suit bathes and dives in the pool. She also wears nylon light socks and shoes and black sleeveless blouse under jacket.

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V-237. Greta gets wet in the bath fully clothed.

Greta decided to take a bath fully clothed. She went into the tub full of hot water, wearing tight blue jeans, light jacket and patent leather boots with high heels. At the end she took off her jacket and shoes showing us a wet white T-shirt and light nylon socks.

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