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V-252. WET and MUDDY fun of two girlfriends and dog on the lake bank.

Elena and Marianna were walking with a puppy, Larry, near the lake. Doggie Husky feels very hot in summer, so the girls decided to lure the puppy into the water and to splash a bit. Certainly girlfriends were too lazy to undress or take off their shoes, and they went into the water right in heel sandals and white socks, sinking into the mud of yellow clay. Girls' jeans also got wet and they decided to swim fully clothed. Girls liked liquid clay, they were happy to smear in it and to have the time of their life, without scripts and productions).

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V-251. Margaret swims in the lake fully clothed.

Margaret in a nice black pantsuit dipped in a cool lake, soaking wet. Girl swims in her high heel shoes from which white nylon socks are visible.

V-250. Tanya takes the waterfall shower fully clothed. :: 14:25 1280x720 [22-06-2015]

Tanya comes under strong jet of the waterfall on the old dam. She is as always elegantly dressed - jacket, mini skirt, thick brown tights, high heel boots.

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V-249. Greta in jeans takes a shower right on the horse.

Greta looks very impressive in denim suit sitting on a horse, but here's the problem - the horse is a little bit dirty. We decided to organize a cold shower from a hose for the horse and for Greta sitting on it.

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V-248. Elena in jeans shows a striptease in the lake.

In a nice hot summer day Elena relaxes in the lake, she gets wet fully dressed in her favorite jeans and a red t-shirt, braless. Girl is dancing striptease with the music right in the water near the makeshift wooden pole. Elena all wet, dressed and looks much sexier than a nude girl. When Elena got a little tired and felt cold, she dressed a denim jacket and decided to take a rest right in the water, on an inflatable mattress.

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