V-203. Elena gets wet in the hot tub. :: 09:35 1280x720 [17-08-2014]

Elena bathes in the hot tub wearing white pants, white socks, high heel shoes and a blouse, braless.

V-202. Nika in a beautiful dress swims in the lake. :: 10:06 1280x720 [06-08-2014]

Beautiful girl Nika in beautiful blue dress looks wonderful in blue clear water. Black tights and high heel shoes complement outfit of girl. Nika floats showing herself in wet clothes under the water, enjoying its purity and freshness, and of course showing us a great wetlook session!

V-201. Varvara came back in wetlook world in all her beauty. :: 14:07 1280x720 [03-08-2014]

Beautiful nature, beautiful lake with deep blue water, pines growing right out of the water...A beautiful girl is wanted to make this scene perfect. And it has happened, Varvara came back to us after a long necessitated break and had a wish to be in our wetlook scenes.

In her first session she wears street clothes, black coat, black tights and boots, short skirt and blue blouse. It's not enough for Varvara just to get wet. She is a sporty girl, she can swim very well, and in this session she also dives, completely submerging in all her clothes.

V-200. Vanessa gets wet in a black office skirt suit. :: 12:45 1280x720 [27-07-2014]

Vanessa in a strict black office suit, mini skirt, stockings and high heel shoes comes into a shallow river. Girl is leisurely looking for a deeper place where she immerses in water, enjoying fully soaked clothing in the intense heat.

V-199. Romantic wetlook session from Marianna. :: 10:25 1280x720 [20-07-2014]

One warm summer evening Marianna in sportswear bathes under streams of sunset, she comes into the river, completely soaks, and swims a bit. Girl wears sportswear, sweatshirt, short skirt, black tights and white socks and sneakers. At the end Marianna takes her blouse off and shows a wonderful view of her body in a wet white T-shirt braless.

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