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V-228. Greta in denim clothes dives into the pool. :: 08:21 1280x720 [25-01-2015]

Greta is very young girl, she decided to try herself in wetlook session on her friend’s advice. Greta likes water and she swims well, also she is good in diving, almost like a sportswoman). In this session she swims and dives in the pool fully dressed, in jeans, denim jacket, white sheer blouse, white socks and flats.

V-227. Karina in sexy lingerie takes a milk bath. :: 11:40 1280x720 [18-01-2015]

Karina looks especially beautiful in black sexy outfit, tights, fishnet stockings, high heel shoes. And so she immersed in a milk bath full of rose buds.

V-226. Varvara bathes in a beautiful dress. :: 10:07 1280x720 [11-01-2015]

Varvara in a beautiful long dress, black tights and heeled sandals gets wet in the lake.

V-225. Victoria swims in the lake fully clothed. :: 12:08 1280x720 [04-01-2015]

Victoria in her boots, winter coat and jeans comes into the water and swims fully clothed. Beautiful girl poses under submerged tree, takes off her coat, shows us sheer white wet shirt on her beautiful body, removes the boots and we see that under jeans girl wears light brown nylon tights.

V-224. Nika in a red dress bathes in the lake. :: 12:16 1280x720 [28-12-2014]

Nika poses for wetlook session in a beautiful red dress, gray tights and high heel shoes. So dress is very beautiful, and after she swam in it and it is completely soaked - dress became even brighter and more expressive.

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