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V-211. Vanessa in white pants gets wet in the river.

Vanessa gets wet in the cool water in the river fully clothed, wearing white pants, white socks, sandals and nice colored shirt. At the end girl poses in the river weed where her white pants and socks get dirty.

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V-210. Marianna soaked in the bath fully clothed.

Marianna was playing ball in the bathroom, then the ball fell into tub full of water. Girl went into the water fully clothed, even forgetting to take off her backpack. Water quickly penetrated her shoes and got her feet in white socks wet, then Marianna in leggings and jacket totally submerged and continued to play and to enjoy the feeling of wet clothes.

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V-209. Tiana swims and dives in outerwear.

Tiana, sister of our model Elena, wangled our shooting for company's sake. The girl watched how her sister was soaking in different clothes and she wanted to try wetlook session with herself. Tiana decided to take a dip in her outdoor clothing, jeans and coat. She also wears boots with white socks on her feet. Tiana went swimming and diving fully clothed, and at the end took off her boots and muddied her white socks.

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V-208. Irma gets wet in the river fully clothed.

Irma in beautiful white over knee socks, tights, denim shorts, shoes and leather jacket comes into the river, completely immerses in the water and fully soaks in all her clothes.

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V-207. Bonya in blue jeans bathes in the lake.

Bonya slowly walks into the water , fully dressed, in blue jeans, shoes with white socks and light summer blouse. Girl swims in the clear water, posing a lot, showing us a beautiful wetlook in a fabulous location in the Blue Lake.

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