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V-193. Katarina fully dressed relaxes in jacuzzi.

Katarina went under a hot shower fully clothed, wearing boots, sleeveless jacket, knitted sweater, white fancy tights and short denim skirt. It was not enough and she decided to immerse fully clothed into jacuzzi where she soaked completely and relaxed with hydromassage.

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V-192. Vanessa in office clothes bathes in the river.

It's very nice to dip into the cool water after a sweltering workday in a hot summer day. After working in hot office Vanessa came to the river, right in her working clothes. Leisurely girl entered the water, in shoes, white socks, office trousers and dressy white blouse. Vanessa came gradually deeper into the water and finally immersed herself and swam in the river.

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V-191. Bonya in jeans relaxes in jacuzzi.

Bonya is a girl who is always self-confident. She knows that she will look nice and sexy in any look. So she is not shy to appear before us in the wet look, even if the clothing is a little sheer.

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V-189. Marianna in coat gets wet under shower and then in jacuzzi.

Marianna decided to test her new coat, how it will protect from the rain. Girl turned on the shower and stood under it fully clothed. Coat helped bad, water penetrated under the clothes and soaked skirt and pantyhose, legs in boots got wet too. The girl used it and decided to take a bath fully clothed, there she began to undress, leaving only white shirt and tights at the end.

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