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V-608. Friends Kate and Nina like to spend time together, now in water too) :: 14:49 Full HD: 1920x1080 [20-03-2022]

What are the most favourite clothes for a young girl? Of couse, it is jeans! Watch Kate and Nina testing the jeans in water.

V-607. Lina takes a shower in a business suit. :: 16:26 Full HD: 1920x1080 [12-03-2022]

Lina takes a shower in a black pants business suit, washes and foams, and then goes to Jacuzzi enjoying the wet clothes on her body.

V-606. Greta shows us a wonderful WETLOOK in the sauna pool. :: 15:29 Full HD: 1920x1080 [08-03-2022]

Greta gets wet in the sauna pool in business attire, a skirt, jacket, black stockings, shoes and a shirt.

V-605. True Slavic Beauty in a Pool. :: 14:46 Full HD: 1920x1080 [27-02-2022]
Slavic girls are known all over the world for their unique, sophisticated beauty, endless femininity and tenderness. And charming Lera shows how wonderful all of this looks in the proper outfit and wet.
Look how gentle she is, how gracious are her moves in the water and enjoy every second of her performance. Slavic girl is a dream for every man, and a Slavic wetlook girl is a total jackpot!
V-604. Dangerous Beauty. :: 15:00 Full HD: 1920x1080 [19-02-2022]
Are you craving for something spicy? Kylie turns into a dangerous seductress in a sexy white look, formal at the beginning but revealing as it gets wet.
Look how beautifully she recalls the iconic scene from the Basic Instinct movie. But don't worry, the only crime she is about is stealing your heart!
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