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V-521. Three girls have fun in the lake. :: 12:36 Full HD: 1920x1080 [14-08-2020]

Lera, Juliana and Kylie in jeans outfit have fun in the lake.

V-520. Wetter Than Water Itself. :: 13:42 Full HD: 1920x1080 [06-08-2020]

A sudden rain can spoil the outdoors fun for regular girls, but not for a wetlook lover! Meet our new gorgeous model Sabrina who wasn't scared by the rain and found a way to treat herself with water. We promise, you won't be able to take your eyes off her as she enjoys the raindrops slowly drawing beautiful patterns on her full jeans outfit.

V-519. A Queen of the Water Runway - Lera. :: 20:44 Full HD: 1920x1080 [01-08-2020]

Meet someone special in our Waminstyle team! Lera will make you hold your breath watching her walk on her heels in a beautiful, magical place worth a queen to chill under the flowing streams of water. A gorgeous, gracious queen with royal dignity, feeling herself and staying a lady in her every move. Like a Victoria's Secret model, she rocks this water runway but there's much more clothes on her, and it all gets wet and shiny, making Her Majesty happy, and you too!

V-518. New girl Juliana is a college girl. :: 13:11 Full HD: 1920x1080 [25-07-2020]

Juliana in a college outfit is doing a homework lying and swimming in the lake. A modest girl turned into a sexy and hot siren when getting soaked in the water and taking off her jacket, revealing her breast braless in a white transparent shirt.

V-517. Anita is digging up potatoes in the vegetable garden. :: 12:51 Full HD: 1920x1080 [18-07-2020]

On a hot summer day Anita was digging potatoes in the garden. She was lucky that there was a pool nearby, and she could plunge there in her clothes.

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