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V-574. Lika also wants to get wet fully clothed! :: 13:08 Full HD: 1920x1080 [24-07-2021]

Lika in Levi's jeans ans white T-shirt and sheer bra, in sneakers and white socks tries how it is to get wet and how it looks and feels.

V-573. Melissa is a business lady in pants suit. :: 12:36 Full HD: 1920x1080 [17-07-2021]

Watch how a young girl in a business suit with pants turns into a powerful sexy woman). Thanks to the water that makes your body look more and more visible and beautiful) like the old photographic films and photographs were developed.

V-572. School's Out For Summer! :: 15:29 Full HD: 1920x1080 [10-07-2021]
Who wants to study when the summer is calling and the water is so pleasant? Not Lera, for sure! She escaped from her classes to chill in the river in her college uniform.
Slowly she lets the water soak into her Oxford shoes and knee socks. As he lays down, the water gently enters her panties under her short uniform skirt, and she doesn't stop chattering on her phone. Did you ever imagine what a girl can do and feel on the other side of the phone conversation when you can't see her?
It's getting hotter, and Lera shows what's under her jacket. Her backpack full of exercise books also goes swimming with her because she is so greedy for the water she wants to have it all! Do you want to have it all with her? Then watch and get stunned by this celebration of young sensuality waking up in the water!
V-571. Vita's debut. :: 12:11 Full HD: 1920x1080 [03-07-2021]
We all love contrasts, especially in wetlook. Slender and naturally beautiful Vita dressed in dark jeans outfit from her head to high heels makes a perfect contrast with the snow-white clay in a quarry and a lovely blue water in the lake.
Watch her slowly and seductively float in the water, enjoying every inch of her gorgeous body getting soaked and the jeans cloth getting darker. Her beautiful face expresses it all, with no need for words for her body speaks for itself.
V-570. Blue Dream. :: 11:42 Full HD: 1920x1080 [26-06-2021]
Sometimes things match just perfectly along. The blue sky, blue water in the lake and blue shirt and jeans on Arina looked so aligned and swell they were craving for a beautiful performance. And Arina connected them all together, having created a pure joy for your eyes!
Watch her dive slowly and enjoy the play of colors on her beautiful body and everything around it! This blue dream video is a perfect example of the fine taste in wetlook because everything goes along so well here - wet blue clothes in blue water and Arina's young sexy body swaying in them like a sultry siren!
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