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V-561.Is Caroline the wet pearle or diamond? Or more?) :: 10:51 Full HD: 1920x1080 [24-04-2021]
There are women who look just like a simple girl next door but there's something in them you can't take your eyes off. They don't try to be sexy, just living their lives and having their pure joy of moment.
Look how Caroline, so beautiful, calm and pure, bathes in water in clothes. She is a simple girl whose beauty doesn't require any effort - she is just the way she is, and this makes her a precious pearl.
She doesn't push her sexuality in your face, but yet you feel it and happy to see her wet like nothing special is going on. An average girl who probably has no idea what a jewel she is which makes her even more precious.
Watch and enjoy this simple girl with the astonishing beauty of her every move and be happy that such girls exist together with us!
V-560. Sexual magnetism of Wetlook Diva Ariel) :: 20:02 Full HD: 1920x1080 [17-04-2021]
This is the case when the description it is not enough to say: Ariel in a denim shirt and new Levi's jeans is swimming in the pool)
This session, this Ariel's Show, deserves to say more)
Does anyone remember the first wetlook session with Ariel? That shy girl who was afraid of the camera and was embarrassed by the sight of a wet transparent white shirt with a bra underneath? Once a modest girl, swimming with us for many years, turned into a top totty!)
She is not just going to the pool, she is grinding and dancing like a stripper, teasing with every move. She is not just swimming, she is ravenously reveling in multiple dives and exits, dissolving in the water and splashing out her sexual magnetism of the Wetlook Diva)...
V-559. Anita swims and dives in the pool. :: 14:40 Full HD: 1920x1080 [10-04-2021]

Anita in a black skirt, polo T-shirt, black knee-socks and sneakers swims and dives in the pool.

V-558. Nika in business skirt suit swims in the lake. :: 10:50 Full HD: 1920x1080 [03-04-2021]

Nika in business skirt suit, white shirt, light stockings anf high heel shoes swims and relaxes in the lake.

V-557. Lera in flare jeans swims in the pool. :: 20:13 Full HD: 1920x1080 [27-03-2021]

Lera in flare jeans, turtle neck sweater, blazer and high heel boots swims in the pool.

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