This site is devoted to wet and messy photography made by me, Ufa, and other Russian wetlook and messy fans. Nudity and porno pictures are excepted here. All models are over 18 years only…

1. Pictures

All pictures are of high resolution – 1416x2128 and can be loaded as Zip files (4 pictures free from preview and the rest (from 50 up to 120) in member area). New sets will be added every week. At the beginning wetlook pictures will be prevailed, later you will see also messy and underwater pictures.

2. Video

Video is a kind of bonus, supplement to the main content - photos. New video clip will be added twice a month. There are 2 kind of videos on our site - videos of old format (704x576) and videos of new format Full HD.

3. Membership

There are 2 options of getting access to member area – 30 days and 90 days. After payment and bank confirmation you will get an access automatically by e-mail. You must be at least 18 or 21 years of age, depending on the age of consent in your local community.

4. Blocking the password

You cannot give your password to other parties. When using the same codeinformation from 3 IP addresses simultaneously it will be blocked automatically.

5. Copyright conditions

The material on the site is copyrighted to and it is only for your sole personal use. You cannot distribute, copy, publish, edit...You cannot falsify images and watermark...Otherwise you will bear responsibility according to the copyright laws. The material on the site is copyrighted to and it is only for your sole personal use. 

6. Refund policy

If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your purchase, we will issue a full refund. To request a refund, simply contact us   ( with your purchase details and tell us why you’re requesting a refund. You can request for refund in case if (1) the information for Access was not sent in time or (2) the weekly updates were not added or (3) the quality of photos is defective. If you downloaded much of content the refund is impossible.  

7. Girls and outfit

You can vote choosing certain girl, outfit, location...depending on the type of voting.

8. Stories

Story (like video) is a kind of bonus, supplement to the main content on this site - photos. Stories are written and provided by our friends - Russian wetlook lovers. In every story tittle you can see the author. Stories are always illustrated by photos (sometimes-video) shot on the base of its plot. test test

9. Custom video.

A special offer for fans of wetlook, wam, messy, muddy fetish!
We can shoot custom video personally for you to realize your fantasies.
What you need to do for it?
1 - Write me please to and describe details for the script of video (Video duration- from 1 to 60 minutes, the model, type of clothing, any fetishes else, what do you want the girl to do...)
2 - Answer please if you want to have this video only for you personally and not to spread anywhere else (the price will be higher), or you don't mind selling this video at ( in this case price will be lower)
This information will influence the price. Video will cost more if we need to buy or spoil (cut, dirty, wet), expensive clothes and shoes. The video quality is full HD - 1920X1080 Progressive 28MBit/sec.
The custom video can not contain porn scenes involving sex. Erotic scenes are acceptable, two girls at once are possible.
Do not hesitate to write and order any video you want to see, we will answer you and tell the approximate price. More information you will know in personal correspondence.

10. WAMinStyle STORE

Dear Wetlook Fans!

We would like to announce the opening of our new WAMinStyle online store.

After a year of running our site, we felt the need to open our own online WAM fetish store so we

can meet more individual needs of our fans in a cost-effective way.
Online Store

1) Find Your Favourites

Our online store offers photos and videos that were released more than 6 months ago and thus no longer available on our member site.

All of our content comes with good descriptions so you can
be assured to get exactly what you are interested in.

2) Meet Multiple Producers *Coming Soon*
We are happy to present material from other WAM & Wetlook producers who offer their own 
unique perception and presentation of these fetishes. 


3) Experience Greater Variety*Coming Soon*
We are pleased to introduce specific types of fetishes (such as pretty wet socks on ladies’ feet)
that we enjoy ourselves at WAMinStyle, but also some other concepts filmed with passion by 
other producers that we didn’t explore before ourselves. 
4) Enjoy Our Stories *Coming Soon*

We would like to introduce interesting video and photos of stories from our personal life wetlook
experiences.  Even though there is not too much at the moment, we have big plans for the future.

5) Get Better Prices

Prices for material in our online store are very affordable and our wide selection gives a chance
to fans with a specific interest to get better value for their money.Also, as a result of us opening
this online store, we will be able to offer affordable membership to our original WAMinStyle 
member site.

WAMinStyle Member Site
On WamInStyle website we are now only displaying new material released within past 6 months. 
WAMinStyle original member site still runs fun content of the same nature as before.

Message from WamInStyle administrator:

Dear fans, being myself a passionate Wetlook fan and of several other WAM fetishes, I tried to
design this store to be extremely user-friendly and informative.  I made it in such a way as if I
would be the client for this store myself. 

Everything is very simple – you choose what you like and buy it.  All material are accompanied
by a full description so you know exactly what it is.

Please note that due to our payment processing policies, we are only able to sell up to $75 of 
content per transaction. You’ll see that our prices will be very reasonable.  You are welcome to
check it for yourself.

At the moment we only transferred part of our older material from the WamInStyle site. 
However, this store will increase its selection on daily basis with new exclusive material.

Sincerely, UFA team