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V-593. Black And White Perfection. :: 15:28 Full HD: 1920x1080 [04-12-2021]
Black and white is a perfect classic combination, and it looks even more perfect when the clothes is wet. Kate and Nina are happy to demonstrate it, having  a good time in the pool in formal suits with white blouses and no bras underneath.
Just look at those black pants that look exactly like latex, wet, shiny and perfectly tight on their booties! And the blouses reveal EVERYTHING... Not a single piece of their young gorgeous bodies will go unnoticed by you under those blouses that get transparent in the water.
See this parade of sensuality and class combined with fun and chill just like the wetlook princesses do it! The two are so different, but both are so sexy in their own unique ways. Which one do you like the most? We honestly couldn't choose between tender Nina and sensual Kate - both are true gems!
V-592. A Dream Girl in Beige. :: 17:41 Full HD: 1920x1080 [27-11-2021]
Do you want to see a dream come true? Watch Stacy, getting all wet in her beige gorgeous outfit, formal but feminine, and you will know how it looks like!

Stacy is the real dream girl - beautiful and intelligent, modest and full of dignity, but when you look under her skirt, you'll see something very unexpected! And this even makes her more a girl of your dreams!hgggj

V-591. Wash Day For Two :: 19:08 Full HD: 1920x1080 [20-11-2021]
Our wetlook stars, Elena and Nika, went to shower together. But any wetlook girl prefers to wash in her clothes, so they kept their white Levi's tees and Levi's jeans on, leaving their beautiful feet bare.
Watch two lovely goddesses wash each other tenderly with waterfalls of soapy foam over their blue jeans and long hair. See how they caress each other and enjoy their every touch just like they enjoy it!
It's hard to just watch a beautiful girl all wet in her Levi's so the two couldn't stand but taking an innocent wash a little further. Clean clothes, dirty touches, a pure joy for your eyes!
V-590. Beautiful and wet Lina. :: 08:30 Full HD: 1920x1080 [13-11-2021]

Merry Lina swims and has fun in the pool. Bad lighting in a new sauna does not give a chance to marvel every pixel of her beauty, but anyway it is obvious that she is a pearl in the water.

V-589. A Fire in the Pool. :: 16:44 Full HD: 1920x1080 [06-11-2021]
Can fire and water get along together? Well, you should see Lera performing in jeans, high boots, jacket and white top underneath, and you will see!
If you haven't checked her up yet, we highly recommend you to do it immediately! Because this girl is really taking wetlook on the next level! She dances, she teases, she plays like a beautiful young animal celebrating her gorgeous body in wet clothes, and you can feel her flirting with you every second of the way!
Lera is a real fire you can watch forever and she will heat you up! Watch out, don't get burned by this bold sensuality and proud femininity! And somehow she manages to stay cute and lovely while acting shamelessly sexy! This girl is a superstar of wetlook, one in a million. There is also a little surprise waiting for you in the video, and we promise that you will enjoy every second of waiting for it!
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