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V-145. Tanya is going in for sport on the river bank. :: 14:34 720x576 [12-04-2018]

Sometimes Tanya is a sporty girl. In this photo set she combines sports and our favorite hobby - wetlook. White sports shirt, black leggings, short skirt and of course sneakers with white socks - are perfect clothes for sports and getting wet.

V-147. If it's cold, you can swim fully clothed, as Tanya does! :: 13:14 736x560 [12-04-2018]

When it's May and the water is still not completely warmed up, but there is a real wish to swim and to have fun), Tanya did not even feel sorry for her jacket made of genuine leather, she swims fully clothed, in boots, tights, jacket... and she likes it and it's not cold in cold water.

V-161. Tanya in jeans, boots and jacket swims in the river. :: 15:26 1280x720 [12-04-2018]

It is our favourite river - Dniester, we go there for rest every year, to fish there and of course to swim. This time Tanya swims in jeans, boots and jacket, finally she is getting her white socks muddy.

V-9. Tanya in black and white dress swims in the river. :: 08:36 704x576 [12-04-2018]
When Tanya swims the aircrafts crush). She spends so much time in the water that she can be the witness of different things there (happily there were no victims in the unsuccessful water landing). You see - going to swim is much safer than flying to swim).
V-16. Walking in the park. :: 12:07 1920x1080 [12-04-2018]
We walked in the park, it was hot, we could not pass by this alluring waterfall.
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