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М-556. Vanessa in jeans, faux leather jacket and high boots swims in the pool. :: 13:31 Full HD: 1920x1080 [20-03-2021]

Vanessa in jeans, T-shirt braless, faux leather jacket and high leather boots swims in the pool.

V-555. Elena in a dress gets wet in the lake. :: 12:12 Full HD: 1920x1080 [13-03-2021]

Wonderful Elena, old wet stager on waminstyle, gets wet and relaxes in the lake. She wears tight dress, black stockings, black faux leather jacket and high heel shoes.

V-554. Curvaceous lady Kylie is wet again! :: 15:52 Full HD: 1920x1080 [06-03-2021]

What a pleasure to swim in a warm lake in summer, to relax and to discover that your usual Polo T-ahirt together with Levi's bootcut jeans transform to the sexiest shiny Queen garment!

V-553. Waterfall Yoga for a White-collar. :: 19:13 Full HD: 1920x1080 [27-02-2021]

After a hot day in the office, the desire to chill in the water is almost irresistible. But if you are into wetlook, you can keep your office costume on! Watch Julianna doing her sensual asanas in a beautiful place looking all classy. Will she manage to ride a waterfall or the nature will win? Watch the water tear her white blouse apart and follow its streams right under her skirt!

V-552. Angela jumps from high board. :: 15:21 Full HD: 1920x1080 [21-02-2021]

Angela in denim jacket, jeans and sneakers jumps from a high board, swims in the lake and relaxes on the shore.

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