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V-52. Tanya takes shower and washes hair fully clothed!(del YouTube) :: 05:50 704x576 [12-04-2018]
WETLOOK became so habitual and pleasant for Tanya, that she is lazy to undress to take a shower and wash her hair, she prefers to do it in her casual clothes!). This is an old video that was blocked on my YouTube channel because of “sexual content”).
V-54. Tanya takes a shower and washes her hair completely dressed. (Del YouTube) :: 09:00 787x576 [12-04-2018]

What for to undress if you need to wash socks, jeans, and wash your hair at the same time?smiley It is much nicer and faster to do fully clothed in the bathroom under the shower! This is an old video that was blocked on my YouTube channel because of “sexual content”cool.

V-56. Our first messy video, at home, in office outfit. :: 08:54 736x574 [12-04-2018]

This is one of our first HOME VIDEO, it was on YouTube in two parts, one of which was blocked. Now you can see the full version of this video on our site. First time Tanya smudged herself with the white cream, smeared on her tights and filled the boots with cream) Then she took a shower, washing off the cream, fully dressed.

V-63. Tanya likes to mix getting wet and washing clothes. :: 05:16 736x560 [12-04-2018]

When the socks and jeans are dirty, she can wash all her clothes right on herself, it will be faster and more pleasant - mixing business with pleasure!
Full and high quality version of the video which has already been posted on my YouTube channel.

V-75. Wetlook, two girls in winter clothes in Jacuzzi. :: 19:44 736x560 [12-04-2018]

Tanya and her girlfriend came home, and undressed, fully clothed dipped into jacuzzi to have fun and to keep warm!) In this way, Tanya opened WETLOOK to her girlfriend. They tried many types of clothing in order to understand - what clothes is funnier and more pleasant to get wet). It's a full version of the video (20min) that once was posted on my YouTube channel in two parts, one of the which was blocked. Now you can download free the original video at a higher quality.

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