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From: Schiessburger [04.01.2018 19:24]

Hi :)
Best Site with the best sets.
The Levis-Girls are just breathtaking, Its worth the money.

From: wetal69 [07.11.2017 14:46]

please stop with sneakers, sport shoes and socks. Only HEELEDSHOES, peep toe and sandals are really sexy when wet !!!.
thks for sttention

From: denimjacketboy [11.10.2017 02:16]

Thanks to flipflop below, I decided to ask for a custom shoot. I'm so glad I did! I have now had three custom sets made, and they have been incredible. Greta, Elena and Nika were the girls, and let me tell you, what you see here is a glimpse of paradise, but what I saw in my customs was paradise itself.

As flipflop said, they not only accommodate your requests, but they go beyond what you might have thought of. The picture quality of the video and photos is outstanding (substantially better than on the website).

I was a bit unsure of asking for a custom, as I thought it might be disappointing, but that has not been the case at all. Thank you so much to the girls and the team here!

From: peterb [24.01.2017 05:25]

Elena is my favorite, so beautiful!

From: Quantrill48 [04.12.2016 16:10]

Hi...Lots more of Nika please..

From: surgif [12.06.2016 12:07]

Thank you so much for your great page! Hope there will be a little more messy stuff in the future. Fantastic Girls in Socks and Heels. 8-)
Good luck to you all in the Ukraine!!!

From: MsTerWet [01.09.2015 19:20]

I love your amaizing wet site !
Thanks a lot for these pic's and videos, especialy the denims wet looks and schoolgirls uniforms with just a touch of upskirt !

From: MsTerWet [30.03.2015 10:56]

Thanks a lot for all these beautiful girls & their amazing wet clothes !

From: Niki [01.02.2015 13:38]

The Video of Greta (set 258) in the member area and "Three girlfriends made a wet party in a sauna". are the best ones currently in the web available. The girls are so natural and cute. I like the way they are having fun in the pool, with diving, jumping in, swimming, interact with each other... You can see that they have fun in what they are doing! Congratulation to you for the brilliant work.. greetings and congratulations the the nice girls! I would like to see more from them.

From: MsTerWet [02.01.2015 18:12]

Happy New Year 2015 !
Amaizing Wet Site & Pretty Girls !
I just hope to see more denim suits, short shorts & miniskirts and less leggings to appreciate the beautiful girls' legs. Thanks a lot.

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