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V-70. Karina loves a beautiful sexy clothes, even when swimming!

Karina swims in a beautiful dress, tights, gloves and shoes on the river bank. She likes how she looks - sexy and wet, she was pleased to show off, posing for a photo and video session. P.S. Sorry that the video is not as long as usual, that's all I managed to recover on a damaged DVD disk.

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V-67. Varvara's Wetlook Nightmare

When you adore wetlook and spend a lot of time doing it and thinking about it, you can even start dreaming about it at night. In this fiction thriller we would like to present Varvara's scary dream: a maniac sneaks into her apartment and threatens her with a gun (of course, replica), ordering her to do wetlook. Varvara is wearing a white shirt, fitted leggings, and pantyhose underneath. In this outfit she is forced to climb into the shower and streams of water begin to wet her clothing. At this point this young woman wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. She calms down and goes online to browse and admire wetlook photos of her posing for wetlook photoshoots on her favourite website

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V-65. Tanya in black jacket and white skirt and without it).

Legs in black pantyhose with white high heel boots look tempting...especially with a sheer blouse, braless.

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V-64. Two cute girls in stockings relax and play in Jacuzzi.

Tanya came to visit on holiday her friend and they decided to celebrate
meeting especially - to enjoy and play in the Jacuzzi right in the clothes.
Wet, white and black stockings - look great on their sexual legs!)

V-63. Tanya likes to mix getting wet and washing clothes. :: 05:16 736x560 [06-03-2012]

When the socks and jeans are dirty, she can wash all her clothes right on herself, it will be faster and more pleasant - mixing business with pleasure!
Full and high quality version of the video which has already been posted on my YouTube channel.

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