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V-77. Tanya really likes wetlook, as well as to weave wreaths.

Tanya prefers her own swimming outfit, especially she likes (and not only she) when pantyhose fits legs close, in shoes, short skirt. It's much more interesting to swim in such outfit than in a standard swimsuit.

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V-76. Karina is a business lady, even in the shower!)

Karina came back home after work, it's a strict dress code on her new job in the office in the center of Moscow!
She was tired during a day, so she was just too lazy to get undressed, and Karina took a shower in her business suit and got a lot of fun! She was engaged into WETLOOK for a long time, and now there is an opportunity to shoot all her frolics again. Karina is happy to share her new wet adventures with us!

V-75. Wetlook, two girls in winter clothes in Jacuzzi. :: 19:44 736x560 [09-05-2012]

Tanya and her girlfriend came home, and undressed, fully clothed dipped into jacuzzi to have fun and to keep warm!) In this way, Tanya opened WETLOOK to her girlfriend. They tried many types of clothing in order to understand - what clothes is funnier and more pleasant to get wet). It's a full version of the video (20min) that once was posted on my YouTube channel in two parts, one of the which was blocked. Now you can download free the original video at a higher quality.

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V-74. Varvara conquers the turbulent river.

Varvara challenges the turbulent river, overcomes it playfully, enjoying the powerful and turbulent flow of water.
She does it getting wet in her sports clothes - leggings, T-shirt, keds and socks. Short video to SET 94.

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V-73. Tanya swims in the lake fully clothed.

Summer is hot, if you forget to take a swimming suit - do not worry, you can dip into the lake in pantyhose, skirt and T-shirt, you only need to find a quiet place and Tanya does it with pleasure).

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