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V-94. Natalie's first acquaintance with wetlook.

Compelled by her best girl-friend, Natalie tried wetlook first time ever. Do not judge strictly this very young girl, she is just beginning). For the first time quite normal casual clothes was chosen - shirt, skirt, white pantyhose and shoes. In all this outfit Natalie goes to her first wetlook trip in rapid river, slowly getting wet and enjoying new experiences of wet clothes.

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V-91. Tanya is swimming in the river in a beautiful black form-fitting outfit.

We all love wetlook, each in his own way, I like it as a sexual fetish of wet clothes, and Tanya likes the way it looks wet, how wet clothes shine and opalesce. Also Tanya loves beautiful underwear, stockings, high heel shoes ... Why not to swim in it? It's a lot of fun for herself, and opportunity to please fans with nice wetlook photos and video.

V-90. Tanya in white is taking a shower in the natural aqua studio. :: 07:06 1920x1080 [14-08-2012]

Recently we had a rest outdoors and found the old dam with a cool shower. This is a very beautiful place, real natural aqua studio with shower and whirlpool. We as always had a couple of our favorite clothes with us just in case for wetlook and we used it.
We made two nice sessions in this wonderful place for fun and of course for you. Moreover, Tanya wanted to post one session for free on the site, photos and video. Fans of white socks will be pleased especially, like me. Tanya loves light white clothes to get wet, it is nicely emphasizes the shapes. Have a look yourself, for free!

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V-89. Elena in business clothes gets wet in the river.

Elena is an office worker, and almost every day she wears business suit. This time in this set we tried to reproduce her office directly in the river on the rocks. It is possible to work and to have wetlook fun on the same place. First time Elena felt how it is funny - to get wet all over in her office clothes. She soaks with pleasure and slowly - first legs in nice pantyhose and shoes, then water gets under her skirt, and finally blouse and jacket are wet. Elena lies entirely in the water, enjoying nice coolness and interesting new unforgettable feelings!

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V-88. Karina in a beautiful black dress on the riverbank.

Karina is innate model, she can show herself beautifuly in every situation, and wetlook for her is also a hobby, she likes to dress up nice clothes, likes to get wet and dirty, and of course likes to bet shot and show herself and her hobby to people. In this video she shows us wetlook in a black outfit - dress, tights and boots.

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