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V-103. Karina's morning shower in a beautiful dress and hat.

Karina woke up in the morning, dressed tights and only then she thought it was not bad to take a shower. She decided not to undress pantyhose as it's summer and it's hot outside. Then a friend called and said that it is very hot and humid outside. Then without hesitation she went into the shower tub fully dressed in a beautiful summer dress, which she had clothed to go to work. Standing under the cool shower spray Karina already imagined how she would go outside completely wet, how people passing by would turn around, and it gave her a thrill.

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V-102. Tanya in nice white dress under water jets.

Another wetlook from Tanya in our new place. A beautiful white dress, pantyhose as always and of course soaking in all these clothes.

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V-100. Wet-look leggings in real wetlook from Elena.

It is very difficult to wet leggings that already look like wet, but Elena is trying very hard to do it. And how beatiful white see through shirt looks - showing girl's body. I think she looks more sexy in wet than completely naked.

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V-99. Karina in jeans in the bath and under shower.

Karina looks great in any clothes, dry or wet, jeans or skirts, dress or shirt ... And she looks even better without clothes - in a beautiful wet lingerie and shoes with white socks. But you will never see Karina without any clothes, this is wetlook site).

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V-98. That's how we have fun outdoors - always with wetlook.

How wonderful to go away from people, where you can do whatever you want, dress as you like, walk in it, swim in it, climb through the swamp, smeared with mayonnaise, and even fish). Only this way you can get a lot of pleasure from wetlook, relax completely, that I and Tanya are doing. Every day - a new outfit, new wetlook adventure. And of course I try to shoot all these wonderful moments, and in time to show it to you on our site. 

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