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V-84. Lingerie and stockings are not worse than a swimming suit? Tanya breaks down the stereotype.

Tanya has got her own special suit for swimming and diving). Someone in that underwear and stockings seduces man in bed, Tanya prefers to swim in the beautiful clothes, to be filmed, only to please men - WETLOOK lovers)

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V-83. Karina in a dress and stockings relaxes in jacuzzi.

Karina relaxes in Jacuzzi in a nice dress, black stockings and shoes. At the end she is not shy and shows wet sexy lingerie on her wonderful body.

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V-82. Varvara shows WETLOOK in sportswear.

Video to photo-set 104, where Varvara shows us exercising, and then goes to take a shower and wash off, but fully clothed, even in sneakers, WETLOOK it is no less interesting than sports, so that Varvara combines business with pleasure.

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V-81. Tanya in jeans clothes in the river.

During winter beavers have brought a lot of branches to our place for swimming. You can not normally walk along the shore, you have to go to water, and to fall all the time in the water because of branches. But, it's nice when cool water soaks you through, penetrates under clothing, denim jacket, sweater.

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V-79. Beautiful place, beautiful Tanya, a beautiful WETLOOK!

A wonderful place, a wild stormy river. Tanya decided to test her boots, will they resist water and rocks? A short dress and her favorite pantyhose complemented her outfit. See yourself how nice this dress look completely wet on Tanya!Unforgettable pleasant impressions, and I hope you feel the same)

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