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V-119. Elena and Julie have rest after working day in sauna.

Elena and Julia are relaxing in the sauna after working at office, swimming in Jacuzzi, taking a shower, and dipping in the pool. And of course they do it in their office clothes, it's not exactly suits, but usual clothes for office - strict dress on Julia, a skirt and blouse on Elena, all in black and white, and of course black sheer pantyhose and high heel shoes.

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V-118. Elena in beautiful lingerie swims in the river.

Elena posed for a photo shoot on the bank of the beautiful river and accidentally (or especially) a handbag fell into the water. There is nothing to be done, Elena had to go into the water in the shoes, stockings and lingerie... As a result a great wetlook videos came out.

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V-117. Tanya in jeans under natural shower.

Jeans is our casual universal clothing. Tanya wears jeans nearly every day. To fit jeans to a figure to look good is not an easy task, but if jeans sit on the figure - a girl looks very sexy. And wet jeans look great at all, no one fabric gets wet as nice as jeans changing its color from light to dark. As always Tanya wears white socks with jeans, it is our favorite accessory, we love it). High heel sandals and light shirt complete this just another image for wetlook.

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V-116. Nika is a real goddess of love, love to beautiful wetllok.

This is the first wetlook set of our new girl Nika. It was her wish to choose the dress for it, to make up and hair, and come out in the image of Greek goddess. We fully put in her good hands and taste, and Nika's purity and beauty (beauty of real goddess of love) take our breath away. The Greek font is going to appear with Greek girls in white dresses having rest. And we give a modern version - Jacuzzi instead of the font, and beautiful lingerie and stockings complements the image of a girl . Once girls swam in dresses, and it is a pity now it is not in fashion.

V-114. Ira washes in clothes in the bathroom. :: 4:11 640x480 [01-01-2013]

Jexon persuaded his friend Ira to get wet in home bath. It is very old amateur shooting, so sorry for such a quality.

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