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V-106. Julia has a rest in sauna, in the jacuzzi and shower, bathing fully clothed.

Julia tested all the delights of soaking and swimming in clothes the fist time. Sauna with jacuzzi and a shower is a great place for such a holiday, especially when it's already cold. This session demonstrates the image of Julia as schoolgirl - short skirt, pantyhose, beautiful socks, elegant high heel shoes, light shirt.
Recently she wore such clothes to school, and now ... she can immerse in all this into the warm bubbling jacuzzi and fully enjoy all the charm of wetlook, and at the end she can also stand under the warm shower, feeling the water flowing under the clothes. And it is not pity to wet expensive shoes and handbag, because great photos and pleasant moments of wetlook will remain in memory).

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V-105. Elena shows nice wetlook in a wonderful place in the river.

The combination of jeans and white shirt braless is a classical and very beautiful type of clothes for any girl. Black hihg heel sandals with white socks spice it up. Magical transformation awaits a girl who gets wet in this outfit, that our Elena does. Look how sexy girl's body can look in wet shirt clung to the body.

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V-104. Tanya and Elena play around on the river bank.

In a warm summer day Elena and Tanya played with a ball near the river banks, and the ball fell into the water by chance). Girls went together to get it, and a real wetlook game happened there.

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V-103. Karina's morning shower in a beautiful dress and hat.

Karina woke up in the morning, dressed tights and only then she thought it was not bad to take a shower. She decided not to undress pantyhose as it's summer and it's hot outside. Then a friend called and said that it is very hot and humid outside. Then without hesitation she went into the shower tub fully dressed in a beautiful summer dress, which she had clothed to go to work. Standing under the cool shower spray Karina already imagined how she would go outside completely wet, how people passing by would turn around, and it gave her a thrill.

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V-102. Tanya in nice white dress under water jets.

Another wetlook from Tanya in our new place. A beautiful white dress, pantyhose as always and of course soaking in all these clothes.

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