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V-113. Vanessa tries real wetlook first time in her life.

Wonderful young girl Vanessa shows us a beautiful wetlook in Jacuzzi and sauna shower. I hope we will see her a lot of time here, she will please wetlook fans with different beautiful and sexy wet clothing.

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V-112. Tanya in leggings is playing around on the river bank.

Log lying in the water on the river bank can be a wonderful reason for fun and getting wet in clothes. Tanya gets wet and swims in black leggings, white socks, black shoes and a white blouse fully clothed.

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V-111. Elena in sportswear is doing wetlook exercises.

Such clothes fits perfect for small runs, and it's specially pleasant to dip into bubbling cool water after sports activities, to take a natural whirlpool. And no need to take off the clothes, it is not a barrier to enjoy the pleasant coolness of the water, to get a lot of pleasure from wetlook.

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V-110. Karina -French maid- cleans up the bathroom.

Karina -French maid- decided to clean up the bathroom, to wash everything, to get it shined. Accidently or not, cleaning has become a naughtiness with foam and water. So legs in pantyhose are foamed, spray of the shower has reached the dress...She has nothing to lose and relaxes under the shower and enjoys wetlook, her favorite hobby).

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V-109. Black Sea, blue jeans and a beautiful wetlook from Tanya.(PART 2)

Tanya is swimming in the Black sea among stones in jeans, white blouse and socks. She plays with jellyfish in waves.

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