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V-139. Elena and Victoria get wet in beautiful over knee socks.

Girlfriends Elena and Victoria wear the same over knee socks, only one in white, second in black. Short skirts, high heel shoes emphasize the beautiful girls' legs. As always, girls must get wet in all these beautiful outfits, first they swim in the pool, and then go under a warm shower.

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V-138. Alexandra swims in the river in white tights.

This is the first Alexandra's wetlook photosession. Girl liked the wet fun of her friends and she also decided to try.

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V-137. Nika in a black dress is bathing in river and under shower.

Nika in a beautiful black dress, over knee black socks, heel sandals, light tent pantyhose gets wet in the river, gets her feet muddy in socks. After the photosession she takes a shower on the grass just under the open sky.

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V-136. Elena gets wet in a business suit under humming jets of water.

Hard-hitting jets of water falling from the old dam make Elena fully wet. Her pants business suit gets a sousing, and Elena looks in a wet suit even better than in dry! Beautiful white shirt is tight fit and shows great girl's shape invisible when dry).

V-135. Tanya in jeans swims in a little pond. :: 16:14 1280x720 [16-05-2013]

Recently, we had a rest outdoors and we found a very beautiful picturesque pond. Tanya certainly wanted to swim in it and we made a beautiful photo session. Jeans, white shirt, white socks, heel sandals - that's all! Next to the water and into the swamp to get pleasure from a wet and dirty clothes on the body!

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