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V-166. Elena in summer clothes bathes in the river.

If you forget a swimsuit and it's hot and you want to swim - that is not terrible, you can do it in ordinary clothes. Elena in tank top, crop trousers, nylon white socks and sandals bathes.

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V-165. Nika in nylon jacket and jeans bathes in the bathroom.

Nika wanted to check her nylon jacket, how it will protect her from the rain. That's why she went under the shower fully clothed and turned on the water. But anyway jacket started to get wet, the same for jeans, and water also penetrated the shoes and socks. Then Nika decided to took a bath and immersed herself completely. So she got wet to the skin and had a lot of unique pleasant wetlook moments.

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V-164. Victoria in a short dress and beautiful stockings swims in the river.

Victoria slowly comes into the river in her shoes, admiring how her beautiful white stockings gradually get wet, and then immersing into water more and more, girl's dress is getting completely wet. Beautiful wet shiny look makes the young girl more sexy.

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V-163. Vanessa in business dress gets wet in the river.

Vanessa in a nice elegant business dress and black stockings comes into the turbulent river, then she fully immerses in water and enjoys the cool water flows.. It's a pleasant relaxation after a long working day at the office, isn't it?

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V-162. Two girl-friends in elegant outfits have fun sauna.

Elena and Julia in beautiful dresses relax in sauna, swimming in three different places. First girls soak in jacuzzi with hot water, and then they go to cool off in refreshing pool, and at the end they take a warm shower, and sure they are doing everything fully clothed.

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