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V-176. Marianna in knitted dress gets wet in the river.

Marianna is posing for wetlook session gradually getting wet in a knitted dress, handmade, and white stockings. Have a look how great she looks in wet green dress on a background of beautiful nature.

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V-175. Tanya in jeans gets wet in the river.

Tanya gets wet fully clothed in the river, first her feet in boots get wet, then jeans, and then she completely immersed in water, getting completely wet in white shirt and sleeveless vest. At the end Tanya takes off boots and shows feet in wet white socks.

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V-174. Elena gets wet in a beautiful river.

Elena in leopard leggings and linen jacket slowly gets wet in a beautiful wild river. She wears also white T-shirt underneath and high heel shoes and white socks on her feet.

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V-173. Nika, French maid, does bathcleaning.

Nika decided to clean and wash bathroom. Girl dressed as a French maid goes in jacuzzi and starts to sponge it down, first she turned on the shower. Gradually legs in pantyhose and shoes get wet, then sponge foam gets on her outfit and then Nika has nothing to do, excepting to wash bath and herself clothed under the shower.

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V-172. Two young girls have rest on the river bank.

It's a warm summer afternoon and Marianna and Victoria have rest in the river. Girls feel hot and they get wet in the water in their light clothes. Marianna wears beautiful white dress and long white socks, and Victoria wears bright light skirt with a blouse and long socks. They wear highheel sandals, which will be taken off at the end. Girls plays around in water for a long time, until completely get wet.

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