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V-181. Elena bathes fully clothed in the pool and in the shower.

Elena in a beautiful black stockings, high heel shoes, short skirt and a blouse goes into water in a swimming pool of sauna. After pool girl goes under a warm shower and shows herself in soaking wet clothes.

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V-180. Tanya in jeans gets wet in a brook.

Tanya found cold brook with clear water in a magical forest and of course she wanted to walk on water, to soak feet in sneakers and white socks. Leisurely she reached the deep place in a brook and went into water, completely soaking her jeans. Then Tanya sat down and even fell into the cold water soaking completely and getting pleasure with cool water in a hot summer day.

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V-179. Nika in business suit gets wet in jacuzzi.

Nika was very tired after office work, she was signaturing last documents in the bathroom. Meanwhile, water was running into jacuzzi. The girl already had neither the forces nor wish to undress... And she entered the bath in her strict business pantsuit, she even decided to leave shoes. Having run a bath and turn Jacuzzi, Nika relaxed and had rest, sprightliness and good-being returned to her and only after that she began to undress, showing us the legs in black tights and wet shirt sticking to the body.

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V-178. Victoria in jeans gets wet on the riverbank.

Victoria as well as her friends likes to get wet in her clothes, loves beautiful photos taken on a background of beautiful nature. In this session, the girl gets wet in her jeans, white shirt, high heel shoes and white socks.

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V-177. Vanessa in fancy pantyhose poses on the riverbank.

Vanessa has to go into the water, right in shoes and fancy tights to take beautiful photos on the background of tree growing out of the water. Girl gets wet more and more and she even decides to swim fully clothed - in tights and dress.

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