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V-152. Victoria gets wet in her favorite jeans.

Victoria goes into the river in her favorite jeans, high heel shoes and white socks. It's jeans from her wardrobe, she wears it very often, and now she decided to get wet in it, specially for wetlook session.

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V-151. Tanya shows a beautiful wetlook in turbulent river.

Tanya wears one of her favorite outfits - a summer dress, black leggings, sexy white socks and high heel sandals. And in this nice dress she went to have hydro-massage in a real natural Jacuzzi.

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V-150. Nika swims in the lake fully clothed.

Nika smokes on the lake bank, and then she goes to swim, of course fully clothed. Black tights, high-heel boots, denim shorts, T-shirt and hat give her a ruffianly look.

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V-149. Vanessa gets wet in the rain in a black suit.

A sudden heavy rain begun during wetlook photo session. As a result - look at a double wetlook. Vanessa got wet in the rain, then she went into the river, fully clothed of course, in her black business suit, which she often wears to her main job).

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V-148. Black hat and stockings look perfect on wet Karina.

The cap is simply irreplaceable accessory of many modern woman, especially if you know how to use it. And Karina does not need to take off her hat, even taking a bath! Anything dresses such girl, red and black, white and wet. To be dressed and wet is much better than bare and dry.

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