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V-157. Vanessa gets wet in jeans and white shirt.

Vanessa poses very nice for wetllok session on the background of the turbulent river and wildlife. Classic blue jeans and white shirt highlight the beauty of the girl, especially in the wet. And shoes and white socks are like a brand name of our website).

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V-156. Karina takes a bath in sportswear.

Karina came home after a sport run and decided to relax in the bathroom right in sportswear - black leggings, sneakers with white socks, athletic tank top.

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V-155. Tanya bathes in cold water fully dressed.

It is a cold mountain spring in the forest, we found it occasionaly having rest outdoor. But the icy water could not stop Tanya, beckoning her with its purity and freshness, and Tanya could not resist, she went into the water and completely soaked, of course fully dressed in all her clothes.

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V-154. Marianna in white clothes gets wet in the river.

Marianna looks very beautiful and smart in white jeans and white shirt, socks and white scarf complete this wonderful outfit. And of course, she walks slowly into the river, totally getting wet and posing against the background of beautiful nature for wetlook photo and video session.

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V-153. Elena is dancing and soaking in black pantyhose.

In this wetlook session Elena is not just being wet, but also she is executing hot dance showing the beauty of her body.Black tights, elegant mini skirt, a black short tank top and high heels - all this look great on a beautiful wet girl.

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