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V-198. Irma gets wet in her business suit in the river.

Irma wears such clothes when going to the bank office for work. But now it's weekend, it's summer heat, so why not to soak in a business suit in the cool river? Irma comes into shallow river in high-heeled shoes with white socks, then sits in the water completely soaking wet in her business trouser suit. Girl often has to take shoes off and to walk in socks in the water, as there are many stones at the bottom and it's very hard to move around in high heels.

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V-197. Elena and her friend wash the car.

Elena and Margaret wash MINI Cooper using Karcher. One girl in black pantyhose and denim shorts, the other girl in black stockings and denim miniskirt, both girls in white shirts and black classic high-heeled shoes. Girlfriends not only washed the car, but they also did not forget to wash each other, not only with water but also with foam.

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V-196. Diana gets wet in the shower fully clothed.

Diana is not far behind her sister Jane and she also gladly tries wetlook again. In this session the girl takes a shower and washes her hair fully dressed, she wears jeans, shirt, white socks and sandals.

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V-195. Tanya bathes in the creek fully clothed.

Tanya found in the forest cold small stream, step by step and now her legs in pantyhose and shoes are completely soaked. And then it was the deepest place to get wet completely. Despite the very cold water Tanya leisurely immersed completely in skirt and white shirt. The temptation to take photo and video of it is always very great, and we want to post our material for our wetlook fans.

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V-194. Jane in denim clothes bathes in jacuzzi.

Jane takes a bath fully dressed in white jeans, t-shirt, denim jacket, white socks and high heel shoes. Beautiful girl poses for camera and she looks in wet much sexier than in dry clothes.

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