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V-189. Marianna in coat gets wet under shower and then in jacuzzi.

Marianna decided to test her new coat, how it will protect from the rain. Girl turned on the shower and stood under it fully clothed. Coat helped bad, water penetrated under the clothes and soaked skirt and pantyhose, legs in boots got wet too. The girl used it and decided to take a bath fully clothed, there she began to undress, leaving only white shirt and tights at the end.

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V-188. Elena in business skirt suit.

Elena in skirt suit, white satin shirt (braless) and in stockings gets wet in sauna pool and under shower.

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V-187. Tanya in leggings soakes in the river.

Tanya in nice black leggings, white T-shirt, white socks and heel sandals soaks in the river. At the end of the session she stains her feet in white socks in the mud, for lovers of muddy socks.

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V-186. Diana and Jane in jeans get wet in the bathroom.

Diana and Jane are twin sisters, they always do everything together, and that's girls wanted to try wetlook in a couple. In this session sisters bathe in jacuzzi, they wear jeans, T-shirts, sneakers with white socks.

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V-185. Bad college girl Vicky has rest in the bathroom after school.

Vicky is extravagant young girl, she loves Goth style, she loves tattoos on the body, she loves to suck a lollipop, and we hope she will love the new craze - wetlook. In this her first photo session Vicky got into the bathroom full of water, after school, fully dressed in her college uniform.

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