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V-162. Two girl-friends in elegant outfits have fun sauna.

Elena and Julia in beautiful dresses relax in sauna, swimming in three different places. First girls soak in jacuzzi with hot water, and then they go to cool off in refreshing pool, and at the end they take a warm shower, and sure they are doing everything fully clothed.

V-161. Tanya in jeans, boots and jacket swims in the river. :: 15:26 1280x720 [03-11-2013]

It is our favourite river - Dniester, we go there for rest every year, to fish there and of course to swim. This time Tanya swims in jeans, boots and jacket, finally she is getting her white socks muddy.

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V-160. Marianna is bathing in the river in a dress and stockings.

Marianna gets wet slowly in the river in a beautiful yellow dress, nude stockings and red high-heeled shoes.1

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V-159. Two girlfriends have fun in sauna in winter clothes.

Nika and Elena relax in sauna, behave like a very bad girls, drinking, smoking, and go into a pool fully clothed of course. Nika in leather jacket and boots and wet-looking leggings, Elena wears coat and jeans. First girls bathe in the pool, then go under hot shower, where they take off their jackets and boots, showing off their beautiful bodies in wet!

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V-158. Victoria in a white dress bathes in the river.

Victoria poses for wetlook photo session in a light white dress and nice white stockings. When girl gets fully wet, dress is getting sheer and her underwear is seen through.

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