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V-206. Victoria in evening dress has sat in a mud puddle.

Victoria with a bottle of wine walked along the lake shore after a party. On her way girl got a big dirty puddle where she entered in shoes and stockings, and then she set in it in her beautiful red evening dress and drank some wine. Having set and relaxed in the puddle, Victoria went to the lake shore and decided to swim a bit and to wash the dirt on the clothes.

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V-205. Margaret gets dirty and bathes in the lake in denim clothes.

Margaret came into the lake fully dressed, wearing jeans, denim jacket, white shirt, white socks with high heel shoes. Girl liked how nice white clay stains on her jeans and she completely smeared her pants. Then she swam a little washing off the clay, not forgetting to show great wetlook before the camera!

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V-204. Tanya bathes in the river in sportswear.

Tanya recently bought a nice sweatpants&shirt, and now it was time to make "baptism by wetlook". As always, for a complete set she added white socks and ballet flats. Tanya walks into the water slowly, swims a little, gets wet completely, and goes to the shore, taking off her shoes and making her socks dirty.

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V-203. Elena gets wet in the hot tub.

Elena bathes in the hot tub wearing white pants, white socks, high heel shoes and a blouse, braless.

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V-202. Nika in a beautiful dress swims in the lake.

Beautiful girl Nika in beautiful blue dress looks wonderful in blue clear water. Black tights and high heel shoes complement outfit of girl. Nika floats showing herself in wet clothes under the water, enjoying its purity and freshness, and of course showing us a great wetlook session!

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