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V-221. Marianna gets wet in the river fully clothed.

This time Marianna was dressed warm, for swimming, as the water was cool. The girl went into the water wearing boots, jeans, waistcoat. First she sat down and got wet to the waist, then she lay down and soaked completely. At the end Marianna removed boots and vest, showing us a wet T-shirt and blue socks on her feet.

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V-220. Margaret bathes in the lake overclothes.

Margaret bathes and swims in the lake fully clothed. This time she decided to get wet in her nylon jacket, jeans and sneakers. By the end Margaret takes off wet jacket and sneakers and wears white socks, jeans and a T-shirt, then she swims again.

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V-219. Tanya in pantsuit has fun near the lake.

Tanya in black pant business suit goes into the water, as always - fully clothed. She fills her shoes with water, sprinkles herself, finds a log in the water, trying to walk it, and of course - she falls. She bathes and swims fully clothed, soaking to the skin in her suit. And at the end - it is a bonus, Tanya takes off his suit and wears a white T-shirt, black pantyhose with white socks, which of course become black from dirt at the end.

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V-218. Bonya exercises near the lake.

Bonya is doing physical exercises on the lake shore with the music. The girl quickly gets hot and she goes into the water to continue, fully clothed. First feet in white socks and shoes get wet, then a short denim skirt and white tank top soaked. Bonya swims a bit, then she continues exercising completely wet.

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V-217. Victoria in Ukrainian national shirt swims in the lake.

In this session Victoria dressed in white- stockings, Ukrainian shirt with embroidery, flared short skirt, high heel sandals. And of course the girl in all her glory, fully clothed, went into the water, swam, soaked completely and was very happy to get beautiful photos for herself and for us).

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