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Girls in drindles swim in the pool after work on the farm.

Video: Full HD 1920x1080 59p, length 28:11,            AVI-file (XviD), 2420MB 

Photos:  361 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                      ZIP-archive, 1090MB.

Posted:  02.07.2016

Friends Greta and Vanessa made a tour to the farm and mini zoo, where they worked a bit and made a photo session with the local animals. But closer to the dinner the summer sun became strong and hot, they decided to drink a beer and to take a dip in the pool. Cool beer cheered girls and they played around, sat on the edge of the pool and dipped their feet in white socks and shoes into the water. A minute later the girls flew head over heels into the water right in their luxury dresses. After swimming and diving (YOU WILL SEE UNDERWATER VIDEO TOO) Greta and Vanessa left the pool, drank beer and went to relax in the bowl heated with wood-fired.
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Sisters in jeans dance and get wet in a resort.

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Photos:  124 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                      ZIP-archive, 325MB.

Posted:  08.06.2016

The elder sister Elena teaches her younger sister Tiana how to get wet in clothes to look sexy. Girls chose recreation center with a waterfall where is cold water and with bowl where water heated with fire from below. Girls turned on music to have a good time and went into water, sneakers soaked water, the same for socks. They enjoyed acting crazy and began splashing each others. Jeans soaked quickly. Sisters went into the water and had fun and dancing beautifully and squatting deeper into the water. Now beautiful asses in jeans disappeared under the water completely. Girls squealed in delight, threw off reserve, and dipped in cold water till breast one by one, soaking Elena's red shirt braless and Tiana's denim jacket.
Having danced a lot near waterfall, girls went to warm up in hot bowl heated by firewood. They were pleased to feel hot water soaking throughout the body. They continued dancing in hot water, lying, sitting, standing, showing sexy views of wet jeans and shirts fitted their young bodies.
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Vanessa and Greta swim in the large pool with the dolphins, dressed in jeans.

Video: Full HD 1920x1080 59p, length 32:17,            AVI-file (XviD), 2780MB 

Photos: 736 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                      ZIP-archive, 441MB.

Posted:  11.04.2016

What would be interesting in early spring, when rivers and lakes are still cold, home bath and sauna are tired?

And then there was apparently quite an absurd idea - to swim with dolphins, not just in swimming suits, but in clothes). No sooner said than done - most brave girls Vanessa and Greta are going with us to the Dolphinarium, swim and dive in the large pool, with the real dolphins!!!

Vanessa and Greta
first time in their life came to the Dolphinarium. First girls were afraid a bit and worried about the meeting such large animals, and even in a deep pool, but then... see yourself, a huge smile just did not slip from their faces), and eyes were flashing full of joy.

first time in their life swam with dressed people... they were also afraid. Only one young girl dolphin was the most daring (or maybe she likes wetlook ??? dolphins are very smart animals:)), she followred and rode the girls most of all in the pool, not leaving girls for a minute. And there were those couple of dolphins, which felt not very convenient next to fully dressed wet girls, maybe they are just like people - shy)))

Dolphins instructors saw wetlook sceinces alive
first time in their life , and maybe generally in life. Anyway they were not afraid), they liked our wet girls very much, they even tried to flirt with them and make jokes. I even heard a low voice saying to another - it is original and beautiful view. They liked.

I and Tanya also enjoyed it, we were also the
first time in close contact with these wonderful intelligent animals - the dolphins.

Our girls, models, who has become friends and have a common passion - wetlook for a long, of course swimmed with the dolphins dressed in jeans, tight denim jackets, and white socks, shoes were prohibited.

What is the outcome? At the end, all participants got a pleasure and lots of fun and new experiences, all were very pleased! And the girls are already planning what they would wear to swim the next time).

Watch this film and feel yourself a part of this fun!

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Tanya in winter clothes washes up in the bath.

Video: Full HD 1920x1080 59p, length 20:41,            AVI-file (XviD), 1490MB 

Photos: 495 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                      ZIP-archive, 185MB.

Posted:  10.02.2016

It was an ordinary winter day, Tanya took her dog Larry for a walk in the park. Snow was melting , making puddles and making the ground slippery. For these walks Tanya wears a warm coat, white warm pants, boots, fur earflap hat , knitted gloves, and sure underneath clothes - warm knitted sweaters, pantyhose, white angora socks. So you need to be dressed warm for long walks in winter. Tanya had fun running with the dog and often falling into a puddle or wet snow and her snow-white clothes gradually became wet and dirty in some places. So she decided to wash up after walking...

When Tanya came back home, she got into the bath fully clothed, without even taking off boots and hat. And it was also time for Larry to wash, dog used to do it in the bathroom). So the dog did not resist, Tanya pulled him into the bath, which was full already. Tanya felt how warm water completely flooded her legs over the boots. She knelt down and began to wash Larry first using shower.

Finally Tanya fully set into the water, and felt how warm water slowly got through the outer clothing, soaking everything in, seeping into her trousers and penetrating legs in pantyhose. The same was done with the coat, Tanya sank under the water and then enjoyed the warm water penetrating inside sweater and underneathshirt. At that moment she did not want to change the position.

But it was time also to wash clothes. Tanya took soap, and foamed her clothes, gloves were sponges. She washed mud on herself and often poured herself with shower. Everything was wet inside and out, but already clean. Gradually, Tanya began to undress, taking off her pants first, then coat and boots. She continued bathing wearing knitted sweater and tights with socks. At the end she washed pantyhose with soap and decided to stay in wet T-shirt, pantyhose and socks for a longer wiping it with a towel. 

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Great WETLOOK Tanya's walk near the Black Sea in Crimea (part 2).

Video: Full HD! 1920x1080 59p, length 23:15, AVI-file (XviD), 2000MB 

Posted:  27.01.2016

Gradually going down to the sea, the road became steeper, and Tanya took off her shoes again and decided to go shoeless, in dripping wet and dirty white socks and soaking wet jeans. And so the long-awaited beach and inviting Black Sea reached, early morning fishermen and tourists were ready to watch). Strangers' looks did not stare into confusion and Tanya came up to the shore and immediately went into the water, leaving only sandals on the shore. Bottom in this place was terrible because of large stones and a lot of sea kelps, it was even hard to walk barefoot on the bottom, and Tanya dipped in cool sea water, again completely soaking his jeans and white knitted top which constantly slipped, exposing her breasts.

Taking a few dips in the cool morning sea, Tanya got on a large stone warmed by sun to warm up and to drain water excess from thoroughly wet clothes, she had to start going home, or rather to the hotel, which was located a few kilometers away.

On her way going up she saw a small fountain among the columns, Tanya immediately took advantage of the situation and newly soaked her feet in socks and legs in jeans, she liked to walk along the paths and to leave wet footprints. Tanya once again put on her sandals to give her feet to rest from the sharp stones on phreadic paths. Climbing up the steep steps in the park, she discovered another ancient source of water. It was a luck and Tanya once again soaked her jeans wet under the cool stream of water. She wanted to stay wet longer, as the summer heat was stifling.

Coming out of the park, Tanya was tired and she decided to take off sandals and to get home shoeless - in wet socks and jeans. The town was awake, locals and tourists were in a hurry about their business, they did not pay attention to the strange wet girl walking down the street in wet clothes, barefoot, in a wet and dirty white socks. Tanya went to the local bus station, waited for a bus to drive to her home. The bus appeared suddenly, and Tanya enered it quickly, barefoot, she had no time to put on her shoes. It was at the height of the summer season, the bus was stuffed to the gills, people stood in the pass, and Tanya stood there shoeless in wet jeans and socks, it seemed no one paid any attention to the wet girl.

Tanya left the bus and went home, along the busy streets of the town, going still shoeless, making her white socks more and more dirty and showing black feet on every step. So she reached a long-awaited door of the house, entered and sat down to rest in the courtyard, stretching his tired legs and admiring her very dirty, once white socks. 

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