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Girlfriends Nika and Elena have fun in a city fountain.
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Posted:  02.02.2017

One hot summer day friends Elena and Nika walked in the city center near the newly opened fountain. Sun was very strong and girls decided to get under the cool sprays of the fountain. At first Nika bravely went into the water, just booted in Sneakers and striped socks, that soaked quickly. Elena was hasitating, but Nika without thinking pulled to her girlfriend into the water. Once in the water the girls quickly found legs and began to splash each other, to play in the fountain, sure getting wet from head to toe, but not particularly worrying about this. It's summer heat, the clothes dry quickly. Only the rare passers-by throwing their surprised looks on wet girls, some being puzzled, and some with envy and admiration. 
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Christmas/New Year Party, fun and wet competitions. Part 3, in business pants suits.
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Posted:  16.01.2017

The dress code for the 3rd part is business pants suit. Our girls are young, they are only starting their business activity, but all of them found a tight fitted trousers and jackets in business style), and of course light sheer shirts. This time in bra, but all bras are sheer, nearly the same as braless)
Girls started with pouring their breasts. Those who were the slowest had to pour also the seat of their trousers).
Then Nika threw apples into water and announced the main competition - to pick up more apples with eye binder and to get a prise. Each girl had only one minute. Guess, who was the winner? May be Greta? (She is a good swimmer and diver). Or Kylie? Have a look and see...
After that girls as usual relax and swim in the the pool together, being very pleased to meet together and to have this wonderful wet holiday fun! 
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Christmas/New Year Party, fun and wet competitions. Part 2, in jeans and T-shirts braless.
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Posted:  04.01.2017

Girls continue their fun wishing you Happy New Year!!! This time they wear their casual clothes - jeans, T-shirts, socks and sneakers. Only Nika, the presenter, wears new dress. 
Nika gets wet and offers girls to drow lots with "wetlook" tasks of this kind:
-Take off your shoes, close your eyes and then find shoes in the pool...
-Take GoPro camera, go underwater and record your face with open eyes underwater and your ass in jeans...
-go to water teasingly, then go underwater, try to touch the bottom by hands...
-Ask 4 girls to throw you into water (holding your hands and legs), then tuck and roll...
In fact it turned to Wet T-shirt Contest and now it's up to you to decide who is the WINNER). At the end girls go to the pool together and play around.
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Christmas/New Year Party, fun and wet competitions. Part 1, in dresses.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 26:07            AVI-file (XviD), 2,25Gb.

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Posted:  28.12.2016

Our girls are always ready to have fun, especially in such a special time of the year - Christmas and New Year. Nika, Elena, Greta, Kylie and Lola came together to celebrate this Holiday, to wish you all the best and to make you to smile. All of them speak English, have fun, competing and proving who is the best wetlook loving girl, who is the most fareless, the prettiest, the wettest and sexiest! To begin with girls are in a full dress wearing gay frocks, pantyhose or stockings and high heel shoes.
Nika is the presenter and in this part she gave girls a task to go to water in couples dancing and teasing, then to take off the bras and to show off. The first couple is Elena and Greta and the second one is Kylie and Lola. At the end girls are swimming all together. Watch and feel exhilarated together with us! Very jolly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Irma invited her friends Kylie and Lola to swimming pool.
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Posted:  17.11.2016

Irma decided to spend good time when swimming for us, so she invited 2 her friends Kylie and Lola to have fun together. Sure the main request was to swim fully clothed and to wear something casual. The most casual clothes for 20-yeas girls are jeans and T-shirts. So, 3 girls wear tight jeans and T-shirts braless. They really look nice in it, and really brilliant and sexy in it wet! 
Girls wanted to take some SELFIE photos at the beginning - when sitting at the table, at the pool edge... And suddenly Lola slipped and fell into water, fortunatelly successfully. Kylie tried to help her to get out, but Lola did her best to get her down...Irma gave up and went to the pool with help of ladder. It was a funny beginning for a nice first fully clothed swimming of Kylie and Lola. They were not confused and were pleased. Have a look and beleive))).
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