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Keep Chill, Stay Hot.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 19.27, AVI-file (XviD), 1.69Gb.
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Posted:  21.01.2021

Wetlook girls perhaps know more about relaxation than anyone else. They don't even need to take their clothes off while chilling in jacuzzi!
Angela and Caroline will share with you their experience of chilling in their favorite wetlook style.
Are you ready for the rules of relaxation from our girls?
Rule 1. Dress classy and comfortable. Sneakers or shoes with no heels, comfy but elegant jeans or trousers, cute white tops and no bras (that's important!)
Rule 2. Get into the water in all your outfit and float as you wish. Don't forget to enjoy the sensual feeling of wet clothes on your skin and the beautiful look of your body in it.
Rule 3. Forget about everything and stay in the moment. Release your sexy side and become one with water that turns you into a goddess.
Do you want to peep at the girls' hot chilling time? Angela and Caroline will show you how they get wet and have a quiet relaxing moment, just staying their beautiful and sensual selves!
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Wet Christmas Party. Part2
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 28.10, AVI-file (XviD), 2.45Gb.
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Posted:  03.01.2021

As we promised, here's the second part of Waminstyle Christmas party and it's even hotter than the previous one! Meet Arina, Bella, Nastya, Lera and Jessica in fancy dresses, high heels and stockings rocking like the queens they are! 
Those dresses become incredibly tight and shiny on their young beautiful bodies. What is also worth mentioning that most of them went braless and you can see it all under a wet fabric. A classy woman is still just a woman under the festive outfit but what a pleasure to discover it without showing the naked body off but wrapping that precious present in a royal package that turns it into a masterpiece. This is what wetlook about, this is why we all love it!
Lera and Nastya chose a more classic outfit rather than a festive dress because they know that being a lady is essential even on Christmas. And their outfits may seem more modest than others but when wet they turn into something hotter than the sexiest lingerie!
Arina, Bella and Jessica decided to be the stars in their little evening dresses that look seductive when dry but when wet their seductiveness grows hundredfold!
And all of them are wearing high heels and stockings/pantyhose because they know that no matter what you wear if you wear stockings you win any man's heart, and if those stockings are wet you win more, because wetlook plays with their minds too.
Don't miss this wet parade of beauty, femininity and sensuality! Let this festivity warm your heart, mind and be a pleasure for your eyes!
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Wet Christmas Holiday. Part1
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 33.00, AVI-file (XviD), 2.87Gb.
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Posted:  01.01.2021

Waminstyle team wishes all our followers a Merry Christmas! Joy to the world and we are so ready to give your eyes some real joy with a bunch of beauties celebrating the holiday in jacuzzi! We love you and want to treat you well for this special occasion!
Arina, Bella, Anastasia, Valerie and .... want to celebrate Christmas in their favorite style - having fun in wet jeans with classic but different tops. You will see wet white tops with and without bras and an elegant black one that looks so sultry and sexy when wet.
Bella is a sensual sexy sea witch, and she makes magic with her body waving in the water. Valerie is a true slavic beauty that feels so freely like she was born in the water in her gorgeous wet outfit. Anastasia is all about class, and her moves and body will take your breath away. Arina is a gentle artistic soul that expresses herself in the water from her dark mysterious side, and it's an eye catcher you can't look away from. .... is a queen, and although you can't see a queen naked, she can show you more in clothes!
Watch those incredible babes play a game with the unique performance from each one and choose your own winner! And hold your breath, because the second set with these hot mermaids in stockings is yet to come!
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Colour Symphony.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 24.31, AVI-file (XviD), 2.13Gb.
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Posted:  23.10.2020

Colours in wetlook is an absolutely special sort of aesthetics. Have you ever noticed how they change when the clothes is wet? Remember blue jeans how dark and sultry they look on the thighs of beautiful girls? Well, today Anita and Bella will show you a perfect colour play in the water.
Two girls in all white, what can be unique about that? Well, you should wait until they get wet! There is a surprise underneath their white tees - red hot bras! They can be seen only when the girls are all wet, isn't this a magic?
Red hot bras, wet white clothes and long hair that becomes so black and shiny when wet - what a classic combination! And, of course, the tender color of the skin when girls take their bras off. It looks so lovely under wet white tees, just like coffee under the tender foam if milk. Yummy! Enjoy this colourful perfection, bon appetit!
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Double Trouble Team and Cocktails with Surprise.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 26:30, AVI-file (XviD), 2.65Gb.
Photos 138pcs, High res 2064x1376           ZIP-archive, 112Mb. 

Posted:  11.09.2020

When Leyla and Arina want to hang out together, you may be sure something crazy will be going on. Leyla has invited Arina into a new café, a very special one, where Arina have never been. It was a lovely place on the bank of the river.
When Arina arrived, Leyla had already made an order for her. But who would think that the "Beer Rain" will be literally poured down on Arina? This is why this place is special - each cocktail is a surprise to make you wet and messy!
Leyla knew about it, but Arina didn't expect such a surprise. She was shocked but kinda liked it. Girls got curious and went through the cocktail card. 
The "Last Shot" was a shot from water gun all over their faces and clothes. "Slime Crime" was a jelly that covered their hair and faces. Guess what "Bloody Friday" was? Not exactly a Bloody Mary you used to know. "White Country" came as milk poured right on their heads, "Vezuviano" exploded into their faces with Coca Cola, and "Weedacolada" was a light cannabis-infused drink that washed all the substances down on their white outfits.
And you should have seen the stone cold face of a waitress destroying the girls' fancy looks with drinks and food! Girls decided to make a joke on her, and pushed her into the water!
She suddenly enjoyed bathing in her uniform, and the girls joined her in the water. But their money got all wet as well so they couldn't be accepted to pay their bill. They had to wash the floor in the café, but even this didn't stop them from having fun with water. They poured it on each other until people came over, so they needed to go. Only their laughter and wet traces of their feet left after them. Double trouble team makes every day special wherever they go!
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