Ariel’s Wetlook Upgrade.

author: Ariel

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You have already seen me here on bathing with other girls fully dressed. As I discovered wetlook, it was all about fun for me. Splashing, doing silly things, enjoying the feeling of wet cloth on my body – that was fun, and I loved it from the very first time. I knew that men love to watch girls in wet clothes, but I didn’t quite understand why … until this day.
Me and Lola went shopping, bought some beautiful white outfits with skirts and two garter belts with stockings. We were as happy as any girls with our new cute things. A day of traveling around the mall was quite exhausting and we decided to chill near the pool, to show each other our new clothes and to have some rest.
We chatted about clothes and then Lola said it will be nice to get wet fully dressed, just as we were – with high heels, fancy coats, tights and skirts. I decided to bathe my new white blouse in a pool, just being silly. But as it got wet I stumbled upon the beauty of the wet cloth and couldn’t take my eyes off it. I didn’t even notice how my sleeves got wet.
Lola couldn’t just sit and came to the water. She made her own white blouse wet and I saw she wore no bra. How different may a white blouse look in the water and on a beautiful girl’s bare breasts! So transparent, so unapologetically revealing, so mysterious and sexy at the same time! I decided to make the same with my sweater because I also wore no bra.

Lola said she likes my look in a wet white cloth on my bare breasts. As she lay down on the edge of the pool, I decided to continue exploring the beauty of the wet outfit. I poured water on the Lola’s beautiful legs in tights and high Louboutin heels. And again I stumbled upon how beautifully it gets wet and the water drops are running down her fancy heels. Her coat and purse started to slowly get wet and it looked so cute and gave way to imagination.
Lola told me that to see the true beauty of wet clothes, I must not swim but walk in the water and I did it. She was soaking slowly and with joy, knowing how beautiful she is and enjoying every inch of her wet clothes and proud body underneath it. She was a pleasure to look at - so sexy and confident, feeling herself. She was floating in her own sex appeal like in the pool water.
I followed her advise and watches myself slowly getting wet, let the water get into every thread of my clothes, crawling over my skin and revealing the new beauty of my body, unseen before. I wondered how come I didn’t notice it earlier. My wetlook experience will be so different since now! I really felt myself in wet clothes for the first time. And I felt that Lola’s sex appeal in myself.

My excitement over this beauty I discovered made me completely forget about today’s shopping. But when we got out of the water, I remembered about it. I was curious – how would our new outfits look and feel wet? I offered Lola to try and she gladly agreed.
As we wore our new garters, stockings, white skirts and tops, we liked the way it looked on each other when dry. And what an excitement it was to see and feel it wet! I discovered that now I don’t look at wet clothes the way I did before. It is not only just having fun and enjoying, it’s about the beauty – beauty in every little angle and thread, in every curve and lace piece, in the texture, color, the way it gets wet. And, of course, the beauty of my body underneath.
This was the day that I consider my wetlook upgrade and I am thankful to Lola for showing me this beauty I have never noticed before. It really helped me to feel it better and to explore my own sensuality. Now I understood what drives men wild about wetlook and I share their astonishment about my body and wet clothes. Now I look at myself wet with not only my eyes but with the eyes of men full of desire and this makes me feel my sex appeal and get horny in the water. Being sexy means being sensual always and everywhere, feeling yourself and loving to drive men crazy, and now I've got it.