Wanda’s Second Birth: How I Fell in Love with Wetlook

author: Wanda

Perhaps all of you already seen me performing as a wetlook model, and now it’s time to tell you how it all began. From time to time I remember an evening that changed my life and brought a lot of joy and new wonderful feeling into it – amazing feeling of wet clothes on my skin that I just couldn’t let go any more. I divide my life on “before” and “after” – before I discovered wetlook and after it became an important part of it. Now I want to share my memories about how I fell in love with wetlook.
I got acquainted with Tanya six years ago. We became close friends, spent a lot of time together, had lots of things to talk about and I was very glad to meet such a good humble person. I heard from her that she likes to bathe in clothes, it sounded very unusual to me then and I was slightly curios about it. Tanya told a lot about how fun it was, how pleasant she felt with wet clothes sticking to her skin, how she liked her sexy look in it. I got interested more and more but it seemed so strange to me, I couldn’t imagine the whole situation with myself. Me, bathing in clothes? So weird. But she was so excited talking about it, her eyes were shining with passion, and the more I heard about it, the more I thought it would be interesting to try.
One evening we gathered at Tanya’s place to drink a little Champaign, to chat and to do all the usual stuff girls do at Friday night. We drank, talked a little about work, guys and fashion, and now I don’t even remember the very moment when it happened, but our conversation turned on wetlook. I said that Tanya is so involved into this activity, so passionate about it that perhaps once I should also try it, if it’s really that good. And Tanya replied “Why don’t we do it just now? Don’t be afraid, it’ll be fun!” I was a bit tipsy, my mood was playful that evening and I decided – to hell with it, I am ready to try!
Tanya filled the bath and came into it just in those exactly clothes in which she sat with me at the table – striped sweater, black trousers and white socks. This evening my outfit was as naughty as my thoughts – I wore fishnet stockings, high-heeled boots and a shiny long blouse over the polka dot underwear. I stepped into the water and felt unusual warmness on my feet and legs. The water softly pressed on them, causing shivers of excitement and a wish to go further. I took a bottle of Champaign that we didn’t finish to be more confident.

My clothes, slowly soaking with the water, leaned to my skin gently. It was a completely new touch and it was really pleasant to me. I looked at Tanya and myself and came to a conclusion that wet things really made us look more beautiful and sexy – even loose things, like my blouse, became tight and heavy with water, contouring a figure’s shapes and curves and make them shine. We had a lot of fun this evening – we drank Champaign and ate a cake in bath as if we were on some pool party, poured water on each other from the empty bottle. I celebrated my first wetlook experience and truly enjoyed it. I wondered what if I take my boots off. When I did it, Tanya began to pour water on me from my own boot, and it was so fun! I wondered why I didn’t try it all earlier.

Since then I am a true wetlook lover and never miss the opportunity to bath in clothes and to join many fun activities with water. And I am always glad to share my joy with you and with other wetlook loving girls, whom I’m always gladly invite to share my fun with water.