Messy&Wetlook recipe for a good mood!

author: UFA

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What to do during the long winter evenings? When you are tired and want to cheer up, you can have fun like Tanya does in this video and photos. To begin with dress up sexier, we prefer what we like most of all - tights, white socks, shoes, short skirt, shirt, gloves ... it's nice and no regret). Then open the fridge and find a mixture of various food - milk, cream, yogurt, cream and so on. Turn on light music (here you can hear Mick Jagger), light candles and start).

Mix the ingredients, turn on the mixer, beat up. The process has started). Some of mixture is on the pantyhose, do not worry - smudge. Cocktail was very tasty and sweet. What girl does not like dessert? Tanya is not an exception. Trickle ran down her chin, T-shirt.

But the main interest is to fill the shoes by sticky mixture, that's what Tanya is doing, cream completes a cocktail in the shoes). Cream is so delicious and pleasant that it's worth to smear it on the body.

To complete happiness add a couple of spoonfuls of raspberry jam in the shoes ... that's all, sweet shoes are ready, slowly dress the shoes, enjoying how viscous mass saturates feet in socks and pantyhose, gently covering legs. The left leg is ready, the right is dressed too.

To get in shoes full of the mixture is not easy), surplus fall out and into socks. Now remove the excess from the table, we do not need a rag, as it is pleasant to do in gloves, lay on the mixture on the legs in pantyhose.

Do you still have cream? - Cover yourself as much as it is in container, yogurt also works well). Is the skirt with an apron too clean? - do not worry, correct it immediately.

And what a thrill to smear the mixtures on the breast under the shirt. The remains of the cream should be sure to smudged on the ass! Also it's cool to sponge floor by ass and to stick to it

Warning to those who will follow! - It's dangerous to walk in high heels shoes on the messy slippery floor! Be very careful! By the way, tie is also a sexy attribute in these games, do not forget it. By the way, milk is messy or wet? rather all at once, for us in this situation these things are inseparable

When the clothes on your girl is totally penetrated by food - let she dance a little ... Tanya says it is great! If milk is suddenly over and you want to continue - you can try yogurt, taken from the refrigerator it cools off the body.

The floor is very slippery, so take off shoes and slide in socks on the slippery floor, if it's too slippery - add cocoa powder as it is safer as they strew sand on the snow road in winter). Look how nice Tanya's feet shine, but now in a dirty brown socks.

All right, the messy dish of Tanya is done! Now it's time to try it, but it is out of frame, try it with your friends! And then slowly, under the pleasant Mick Jagger songs she is going to the bath, rinsing off, getting wet in this sexy dress, enjoying feelings and views of WETLOOK.

The view of tight wet T-shirts, wet pantyhose is simply amazing, I think this is one of the best clothes for a shower and WETLOOK, And a bow, gloves, a cool tie are accessories that will add pleasure to any outfit and give more sexuality, at least for us, for sure.

Rinsed, now in shoes again, slightly rubbed, she leaves the bathroom ... And very important point - do not undress! Clothes should dry on your body, thus you prolong enjoying WETLOOK. You can go back to the table, to finish up drinks, sweets, to listen to music and to enjoy a wonderful evening that it is worthy to remember, and view more than once!

Frankly speaking, if I loved the sweets, I would eat Tanya right then), but in this case, you would not have seen our video and would not know the recipe of good mood!
Video and photo to this story is in our shop only at $8!


P.S. It is recommended to repeat this adventure if it's warm at home! Otherwise the wet clothing can cause discomfort and even cold!