The story-riddle.

author: UFA

Recently, a girl X decided to make a little surprise for her boyfriend. She already knew of his passion to WETLOOK and wet feet!)
She thought that this time it had to be something special, remembering how his eyes were burnning viewing wet white high knee socks on schoolgirls in water in the fountain.

X dressed her favorite white high knee socks and nice summer sandals, and went to the bath, having not forgotton to take her camera. She soaked her beautiful legs in high knee socks in the bath, made a small series of photos and was waiting for the arrival of boyfriend.

When the boy returned home he was shocked by what he saw, his favorite X met him in the hall, leaving a lot of wet footprints on the floor! He did not believe his eyes, he was happy, X stood before him, half-dressed in wet socks, smiling mysteriously.

I will not describe here in details what happened there between them in the hall...) I can be banned for such confession...) I can only say one thing - during it her high knee socks dried instantly) It was so hot).

Without hesitation she hurried up to the bath, and again got wet her feet in white high knee socks.
Then they sat together at the computer, copied the picture she (X) took itself in the bathroom.


And the guy looked at her and thought - how happy he was to meet her ... He was marveled by the ingenuity and imagination of his beloved girl, he was happy that she understands him so well, happy that she gives him such important gifts, happy that he's got these wonderful photos that will leave this unforgettable evening in the memory forever!