Jessica's wetlook experience in Cancun

author: Jessica (Vancouver, Canada)

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I was going on a trip to Cancun, Mexico for a long awaited vacation. With ideas to film lingerie on the beach, so I packed my carry on full on stockings, bras, and panties in order to avoid any possibility of it getting lost with the luggage.
I had an exotic concept spinning in my mind, something feminine and fairytale-like in a secluded location. My mind was set on creating a dreamy wetlook experience.
To my disappointment I realized that there was not much solitude on the beach in such a popular destination. I wished for a moment of privacy with this beautiful nature with all my heart.

On a sunny day the sky darkened and a real downpour had begun. Tourists left the beach, going back to their hotel rooms or bars. There was not a soul on the coast, only birds flying over the waves.
That was my chance. To the surprise and disbelief of my camera man, I quickly took down one of the hotel’s curtains in order to improvise something resembling a veil and got ready to film. I knew that tropical rains may be heavy, but they are over very fast.

The rain ceased. Here I was, standing in white lingerie on an empty exotic beach with a white veil soaring in the wind – exactly the way that I imagined it. I was living my dream under expressive skies of Cancun.
I ran into the turquoise water in this attire, splashing with joy. I was on my highest high, living the moments of my life that would remain in my memories forever.

With my lingerie all wet and sheer stockings becoming almost invisible from wetness, I came out of the water and lay down on the white sand. I enjoyed the feeling of gentle waves on my body. It was so peaceful and relaxing, as if I was truly in the Garden of Eden.
To me, such experiences are not only about physical sensations, but most importantly about how they make me feel inside. With a wild splash I shatter my routines. I am free, liberated of imposed norms, and I am totally myself.

Video - Jessica on the beach
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