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V-110. Karina -French maid- cleans up the bathroom.

Karina -French maid- decided to clean up the bathroom, to wash everything, to get it shined. Accidently or not, cleaning has become a naughtiness with foam and water. So legs in pantyhose are foamed, spray of the shower has reached the dress...She has nothing to lose and relaxes under the shower and enjoys wetlook, her favorite hobby).

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V-109. Black Sea, blue jeans and a beautiful wetlook from Tanya.(PART 2)

Tanya is swimming in the Black sea among stones in jeans, white blouse and socks. She plays with jellyfish in waves.

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V-108. Black Sea, blue jeans and a beautiful wetlook from Tanya. (PART 1)

It's a pleasure now to recall holidays on the Black Sea in Crimea admiring these beautiful photos and video. Jeans with a white t-shirt look great when wet, and the crown of the jellyfish makes Tanya a real wetllook queen).

Video is large, so it is divided into two parts. The second part will be published in a few days.

V-107. Tanya and her friend Lora has fun in jacuzzi. :: 15:44 720x560 [28-11-2012]

It is amateur video from our personal archive. Tanya told her friend Lora about our wetlook, and Lora of course also wanted to try. At that time girls dressed dry clothes just to get it wet again.)

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V-106. Julia has a rest in sauna, in the jacuzzi and shower, bathing fully clothed.

Julia tested all the delights of soaking and swimming in clothes the fist time. Sauna with jacuzzi and a shower is a great place for such a holiday, especially when it's already cold. This session demonstrates the image of Julia as schoolgirl - short skirt, pantyhose, beautiful socks, elegant high heel shoes, light shirt.
Recently she wore such clothes to school, and now ... she can immerse in all this into the warm bubbling jacuzzi and fully enjoy all the charm of wetlook, and at the end she can also stand under the warm shower, feeling the water flowing under the clothes. And it is not pity to wet expensive shoes and handbag, because great photos and pleasant moments of wetlook will remain in memory).

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