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V-136. Elena gets wet in a business suit under humming jets of water.

Hard-hitting jets of water falling from the old dam make Elena fully wet. Her pants business suit gets a sousing, and Elena looks in a wet suit even better than in dry! Beautiful white shirt is tight fit and shows great girl's shape invisible when dry).

V-135. Tanya in jeans swims in a little pond. :: 16:14 1280x720 [16-05-2013]

Recently, we had a rest outdoors and we found a very beautiful picturesque pond. Tanya certainly wanted to swim in it and we made a beautiful photo session. Jeans, white shirt, white socks, heel sandals - that's all! Next to the water and into the swamp to get pleasure from a wet and dirty clothes on the body!

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V-134. Elena with friend drink wine on the riverbank.

When you drink wine, the sea is knee-deep. Elena and her friend Alexandra have rest on the riverbank, drink wine, get dirty, go into the water, fully clothed of course. The girls have fun with mud and water, stain their jeans, shoes, white socks get black.

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V-133. Julia in the jacket swims in the pool and takes a shower.

Beautiful romantic girl Julia swims in sauna pool fully clothed, in warm leather jacket, high over knee white socks, black tights and heel shoes. After swimming in the pool, she goes under warm shower, where she takes off her jacket and shows us her wonderful body under a wet white blouse and underneath shirt.

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V-132. Nika works as administrator in the sauna.

Nika today is administrator of sauna, she must make sure that everything in her household is in order. She makes a circuit of sauna, checks how jacuzzi works, whether any debris is at the bottom, is the water warm enough. Nick then goes into the shower, and also checks if the pressure is enough. -And to undress? you may ask. -Why?? It's nice to get the enjoyment of wetlook and get wet in her working business outfit, combining rest and work!

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