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V-143. Victoria in a beautiful sexy clothes bathes in the river.

Victoria in denim mini shorts, tights, high-heeled boots, a white tank top and light blue jacket goes into the river, fully soaks and swims. Even her bag does not interfere with to have water treatment fully clothed. Mini wet clothes look great and sexy on a beautiful girl.

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V-142. Nika in jeans swims in the pool and takes a shower.

Nika swims in sauna pool in her casual clothes - jeans, red sweater, shirt and boots. After the pool girl is taking a warm shower where she takes off her shoes and sweater.

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V-141. Vanessa in a red dress swims in the river.

Vanessa loves to dress up and loves being photographed, has a large wardrobe of clothes. And this time she chose an outfit for wetlook session, her red cocktail dress, black stockings and high-heeled shoes. You can say only one thing - in a wet dress Vanessa looks just amazing! Even better than in the dry.

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V-140. Marianna swims in river in jeans and T-shirt.

This is the first wetlook experience of pretty girl Marianna. She swims in the river in her everyday clothes - jeans and T-shirt, braless. She liked to get wet clothed and she gladly agreed to wet all her wardrobe and she is looking forward to the next shootings.

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V-139. Elena and Victoria get wet in beautiful over knee socks.

Girlfriends Elena and Victoria wear the same over knee socks, only one in white, second in black. Short skirts, high heel shoes emphasize the beautiful girls' legs. As always, girls must get wet in all these beautiful outfits, first they swim in the pool, and then go under a warm shower.

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