How it was beginning (part 2), the first socks.

author: UFA

Dedicated to lovers of wet white socks and high heel shoes fetish.
In the same day, only during the day, Tanya went to a local store and bought a beautiful white lace socks. She already knew about my passion, and while I was away, she decided to surprise me. First, Tanya rummaged her wardrobe, but did not find white socks. Like most adult women she wore transparent pantyhose or stockings, or occasionally – light tan or black nylon socks, what is more comfortable for her feet in the shoes. So she didn’t find white socks in her wardrobe, thought for a while, and went to the shop, bought the first thing her eyes caught - beautiful lace white socks with a pattern and ruche, intending to knock me down in the evening).

In the evening, when we were already entertaining in the bath, after a short session with stockings, Tanya wanted to try on new socks right in the bath. She took off her wet stockings and staying in the bath asked to give her socks and, obviously teasing and tempting me, started to put it slowly on her beautiful tanned legs. Of course, I could not resist to capture this amazing view, took the camera and started taking pictures. Now after time passed we have opportunity and post for you those amazing moments in our very first bath!) For your attention - Tanya’s beautiful legs in beautiful white lace socks, which she tried on just in the bath, even not thinking that the water could spoil her shoes which she still wore. Just she and me of course) wanted to see this sight - white socks in high heel shoes in the bath ... And now you have such opportunity.Part one is here