How it was beginning, or our WETLOOK life.

author: UFA

Raking the old archives, I came across these photosets. It was in far 2008. Then we only met with Tanya. Of course I could not resist and told her all about my interest to WETLOOK. She was amazed in a good way of course. The next day Tanya rummaged all her wardrobe, found the stockings, tights, bought socks (the particular passion of mine). When I arrived home in the evening she showed off before the mirror trying on one outfit after another. Greasy and mysteriously looking Tanya already wanted to get wet in those clothes in the bathroom. She only had to experience these unforgettable feelings.) So that evening came, the first outfit was chosen, I will not describe it in detail, you can see it yourself in the photos.

Tanya liked this folly so much that she could not stop, until the late night she was changing different clothes and was looking for the tub to get wet and enjoy herself wet. Then I had no even a simple camera but Tanya had a pocket-sized snapshot camera Sony. Of course, photo quality is very poor, but for me it would be unforgivable not to capture these moments of the beginning of our WETLOOK life. Then we could not even think that thousands of wetlook fans will see these photos and that we’ll ever come to the decision to post it in the Internet. Much later we decided to share our wet adventures, all our spare time was devoted to sauna going, camping on the river side, bathing at home... In that period of life Tanya came in excitement, she always wanted to get wet in her clothes, shoes and experienced a new thrill every time. She discussed with me a long time how this or that thing looks wet. Each time after the shooting, getting wet, Tanya had already imagined what she will wear next time ...

In a word, I decided to share free all our early photography, in spite of taking it with a cheap snapshot camera. All the emotions there are real, that time WETLOOK life just whirled us. Much later we started dreaming of our own site at which you are now). Some of these photos have already been posted on a Russian WETLOOK forum but now we present nearly all our photo archive.